Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hey everyone,

This is a crsis that is staring me in the face at the moment...quality or quantity???!!!

I have a fair bit of spare cash laying around at the moment and can't decide what to spend it on!
I am left with an two choices, A and B.

First Choice (A): I spend it on OPI, MAC, CHANEL and DIOR. These are all pretty pricey brands, especially in Australia! So I would only be getting a few items from what money i have but be FULLY satisfied that i am getting the best quality but feel guilty cause of the price...


Second Choice (B): I spend it on cheaper brands like BYS (similar to NYX), E.L.F and you know, drugstore (Maybelline, CoverGirl, Loreal....). I will get a lot more items with the money that i have but only be semi-satisfied because although it was cheap, it may not be the best quality...

Oh and there is always the option of saving but that wouldn't be any fun now would it!

I am thinking that in the long run getting the more higher end brands is going to benefit me more...don't you love how benefit is one of the high end brands..okay of topic!
What i mean is let's try and transport ourself 1 year into the future. Now let's take a look at our make up collection (oooo pretty) what do you see. It's either A or B!

A: An average sized collection of Mineralize Skinfinishes, Dazzleglasses, Studio Fix's and OPI nail polishes. This collection has taken you a year to build and is worth a lot of money but you know if you keep collecting you will get your dream collection (same products, just more of them)

or do you see

B: An enormous collection of E.L.F eyeshadows in every colour, every Maybelline mascara ever created, BYS pallets in stacks and an overflowing draw set of no brand lip products. This collection has taken you a year to build and has cost you a bit of money but you still dream of MAC and Chanel and are faced with this same problem ALL OVER AGAIN!!

I'm not sure what to do but before i figure it out let me correct some errors:
1. Jordan, makeup can't be kept longer than a year so unless you love bacteria....
2. You asked them to tell you their opinions and then rave on about yours?
3. Transporters aren't invented yet!
4. This post is way too long

Please express your thoughts to me:
Some of you may be experiencing the same thing or have experienced the same thing
Tell me how you sorted this situation out or how you are sorting it out.

Much appreciated


Anonymous said...

i think i'd go more for high end because i find that the more you pay, the better the quality. that saying applies to everything, though. i'd rather spend $200+ on a pair of jeans than to buy a pair that costs $20 and will fall apart on me. also, the color pay off is waaaaaaaay better with high end cosmetics.

JustJenny said...

hey i was wondering where you get your e.l.f products from thanks xx