Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hello stranger

Yes, it has taken me since Wednesday to get my weekend look up!
I am just so busy with Cheerleading because we have a competition coming up where we are performing our stunt and pom routine so it's getting a little hectic...anywayz here is my outfit for Saturday when i went shopping! (Oh my gosh, i have forgotten to do a haul as well: must do that)

I went really neutral and didnt use any foundations or powders (i am trying not to break out as much as possible) and did a neutral eye with a bright red gloss.

Shirt: Jay Jays Hello Kitty Collection
Jeans: Beach Doll
Cardigan: Supre
Bangles: Diva
Purse: Guess (for my purse ladies, yes it's real)

P.S Will try and get a haul up but it was only a few MAC eyeshadows and a shirt so no biggie if i forget cause it wasn't that much.

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