Friday, August 28, 2009


So as the weather is getting hotter, Summer is getting closer and I am getting more excited!

I adore Summer for many reason such as summer boys, beach, summer dresses, the sun is always out, eating icecream, mall with friends, summer dances, mini shorts, cami's, new summer wardrobe full stop, cheerleading competitions are always more intense in summer, your more active therefore a lot healthier than in winter, swimming, walks to the park, markets, oh my gosh...there is just SOOOO many reasons to LOVE Summer.

So i guess the point of this post is to say that Summer is coming up therfore tomorrow i am going to 3 different major malls that are close to me (all Westfeild) that have many many different clothing shops in them and i am going in search of my Summer wardrobe.

Each year i tend not to wear my Summer wardrobe from the previous year (unless its like a GORGEOUS item that i can't part with) because i don't enjoy wearing the same clothes over and over as it tends to get boring.

So tomorrow i am going clothes, shoe and accessory shopping...maybe a little make up (who am i kidding-do i ever say no to make up?!?). I am going to be seeing mini dresses, bright t-shirts, candy coloured accessories and Gladiator sandals.

So excited and am getting prepared for a LOOONGGGGG day of shopping (approx. 8-9 hours).

Can not wait and all i have to say is...GET READY FOR A HAUL!!!



♔Jaimie said...

that black outfit is seriously adorable

Anonymous said...

Don't take offence, but you really should speak as if you were an Aussie, I've noticed that you tend to speak like an American, such as "drugstore" and "mall" like who says that here?
I'm sorry I just get sad looking at Aussies going Yank. Like seriously Australia is way cool :)