Wednesday, August 26, 2009



So it has been over a week since i last posted. (In fact is has been 9 days) So i believe i owe you guys an update.

Again, this is because of Cheerleading but don't worry our comp is on Sunday so after that i should have a lot of spare time on my hands.

Before i begin my update have you seeen juicystar07's room tour....her room is gorgeous!

I have been hauling a few major things like televisions, handbags, bookcases and clothes.
But they are all almost a week old so unless someone requests i believe they are all too old to mention unless i do a collective haul. (That i might do)

*I have been renovating my room (nothing major just moving things around and getting new stuff).
*A few carnivals that I have had to attend and cheer at due to being a Spirit Squad member.
*Lots of cheer practice
*And then just lots of school and homework

1. Chanel Wallets
2. Guess Purses (Their new collection is AMAZING...I had to stop myself from walking out of the shop with the WHOLE collection.
3. Louie Vuitton luggage (great for my recent travelling)
4. Alex Perry dresses (Best. Dress. I. Own)
5. Swarovski Jewellery (Let's just say this was the brand i splurged on this month....)

P.S How cute is the Baby Bloom collection, i have been craving it all week and can't wait for Saturday when i stop by Myer!
Just don't tell Libby...she's my friend who found out that last Saturday i ranked up a $1849 shopping bill (this girl is good at finding prices and calculating them) and is now insisting i make that much before i spend any more...although i agreed, she won't find out unless she read this :)
In my defence it was all the Guess, Alex Perry and Swarovski.
Hey, a girl gotta live!!



lorien kate said...

I so wish I could afford a Chanel bag! Or even a wallet lol xx

Mikaela-Jane said...

You have an alex perry dress!?? You must show us!!


Ashley said...

the baby bloom collection is so cute. OMG Chanel wallets!!! wish i could afford them!