Saturday, September 12, 2009


So i am every pleased to see people entering my competition.
I have had a few questions about it so i would just like to answer them.

1. How do you decide who wins?
I am going to get a piece of paper and write everyone who has entered (two names if they advertised it on their blog) and get my little sister to pick a name out.
2. Do you send prizes internationally?
yes i do but i am not held responsible for any damaged or missing parcels.
3. How can you just give away MAC?
My MAC had a clearance on these two items (10% off-they never have big sales) so i grabbed two of each with a competition in mind.

I hope that cleared a few things up and continue entering!


lorien kate said...

Good to see you have a few more followers! Im sure theyll love your blog as much as I do! And remember, dont get too caught up with the contest/giveaway, keep posting! Love your reviews and posts! xx

Mikaela-Jane said...

Wow you have heaps of new subscribers! congrats!


Ashley said...

That seems like a fair way to decide the winner!

Mac Princess said...

@ashley. Yer it does seem pretty fair. This comp has the best prizes EVER! Better than other Guru's.