Sunday, September 13, 2009


So the request was basically, to see my Alex Perry dress.
So here it is..
I bought it with my own money so therefore wanted to get use out of it.
It is 100% satin and is acceptable for a 14 year old to wear (some of his dresses are really short and raunchy)
It was close to $2000 but never fear, i don't buy designer dresses everyday!

I hope this has filled the long awaited request!
P.S Thank you guys so much for subscribing, it means the world and i am so overwhelmed at my recent increase over the past week!



Mac Princess said...

itsa lil thing called jelosy!!
That is the most beautiful gawjuzz dress i have ever seen!
The colour and cut make it look so sofficticated and acceptable for a 14 year old.
Awww you have such great fashion sense!
What is it made out of?

Jordy said...

@ Mac Princess: silk

Mikaela-Jane said...

Wow!! It's very, very pretty.
I love it!!
How long did it take you to save up for??

Ooo, your the same age as me lol! I wasn't sure how old you were!

Hope your week has started off good.

Ashley said...

Oh YAY you took up my request!!
Can i now request the Hair Food Shine Serum oil stuff. I was quite interested because you said it was really rare and the price is pretty big so i wanted a review before i thought about buying it. Thanks you

Andi said... dress is gorgeous! And it´s pink!!!!

Eve said...

Wow, what a beautiful dress!!! :-)

Sarah said...

Seriously gorgy dress!! very jealous. Great buy :)

lorien kate said...

You have an Alex perry dresss!!! JEALOUS!!!! Its lovely!~!!!!!

Anastacia said...

Wow! This looks so sexy and hot!
Too lovely ribbon!

Jordy said...

@Mikaela: i had most of it saved already when i wanted it but i think maybe 2 months.