Saturday, September 19, 2009

Haul 8

Hello everyone

So this is going to be the smallest haul ever. I went to Chemist Warehouse and got 2 things.

Urban Decay "Brow Beater" ($3) and Maybelline "Shine Free" transluscent powder ($16.95)



VanityMakeup said...

Nice haul :)

Kimmy said...

Let us know how that Shine free translucent powder works out for you. I've always seen it and wondered if it worked well as a blot powder and how long it keeps the shine away. Nice buys!

Mac Princess said...

OMG Urban Decay??? How did you find that?!?!

Jordy said...

@ Mac Princess: LOL, i know right-my reaction exactly! VanityMakeup posted on her blog that she went to Chemist Warehouse and found it in the eyeliner section...i checked it out and to my surprise found them!

Anna said...

OMG UD in chemist warehouse??? thank you thank you, another reason to spend extra house there lol wic part of aus r u in?