Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hello everyone,
Today after work i went to "Chemist Warehouse" and these are my purchases...

This is an overall of what i got. (11 items)
Face Of Australia "Neutral" palette.

Face Of Australia pressed powder in "Outback Honey Beige"

Face Of Australia illuminator stick in "Bronze"

T.B.N nail polishes in "Orange Fluro" and "Fuschia Fluro"
(these are soooooo amazing-such pretty summer colours)

FAO Liquid Foundation in "Outback Ivory"

1. Colours Of Provence eye kohl in "Grey cloud"
2. Catwalk lining pencil in "Glittering Water"
3. Poppy eyeliner in "Lavender"
4. FOA lip definer in "Barbie's rose"
5. Urban Decay brow beater in "Brunette Bombshell"
(This is my third one and i don't know why i keep buying them because the only colour avaliable is too dark for me)

Swatches :)


lorien kate said...

The TBN nail polishes are such a rip off on OPI polishes ay!! lol Omg the Face of Australia Neutral palettes looks great!! How much was it????

Jordy said...

I know! but they are such good quality nail polishes!!
Lol they look great cause of my face reflection :)
It was only $4...i think theyre selling out their brand because they're not going to carry it anymore

* Jen * said...

Those look like really nice Jordy! =D Those nail polishes look amazing!!

Moving is so tiring! LOL.

VanityMakeup said...

How much was the FOA pressed powder?
Oo, i should get me a lavender liner :)

Aww. Too bad the UD brow beaters are too dark for you.
I love mine!

Jordy said...

It was only $4
LOL Lavender liners would come in handy for purple looks :)
Yer i need to get my hands on the "Brilliant Blonde" UD brow beater.

Jordy said...

I know they are so vibrant, im so excited to wear them :)
Gosh i know, tell me when you get settled into your new place :)

Sarah said...

I love the nail vanish colours, really into exuberant colours at the moment! :)
That Australia illuminator is a really nice colour as well... good buys :)

Viva La Fashion said...

i like the pic with your reflection in it. :)

JustJenny said...

lovely haul!

Anna said...

omg i got those TBN nail polish too! i got them in dark purple and dark blue, i think they are better than OPI tee hee~
xoxo elle

Jordy said...

I know they are extremly fluro and perfect for summer! They were all kind of inpulse buys because many were sealed but i am so happy with what i got :)
LOL i was just like hmmm this is reflective...i know lets pose...
@Just Jenny
thanks i should really stop hauling so often though
@With love, Elle
I was so close to getting the dark purple but i thought it was more fall than summer and headed to the fluros :)

k . . . said...

Cool haul, I recently posted a haul entry too. I have lots of new posts so visit the blog please;


Anonymous said...

Do they sell urban decay is australia?? SWEET!!