Friday, October 9, 2009

TAG "I Think You're An Awesome Girl Award"

Hey everyone,
I was tagged by Elle for the I Think You're An Awesome Girl Award!
She is Australian just like me and it was so sweet of her to tag me.
So basically for this I Think You're An Awesome Girl Award I get to tell you all ten thigs about me and then tag 10 blogs. I hope you enjoy :)

- My favourite TV show is, hands down, all my love and respect...ONE TREE HILL! Man i love that show! I have seen all 7 seasons (well atm im watching season 7 since it's only quarter way through the season) It's so epic and if you have watched from the start everything connects to make little stories inside a giant story. It's just so emotional! OTH fans are you with me?
-I love Double Boothing on Daily Booth. It is so fun to defy the unwritten laws of the internet.
-I am weird in the way that i am a cheerleader and a debator. Most people think of cheerleaders as populars and debators as nerds so i'm not sure where that leaves me...
- Sometimes i only wear eye makeup. If i am having a "my skin is so bad i dont even wanna touch it" day then i just put on eye make up so that the talc doesn't irritate it and make it worse.
- My friends get angry at me for spending money. Yes, actually and literally angry! After a trip to Myer for some MAC i am always prepared for a torturous lecture!
- I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Ages: 1 month, 2 years, 4 years and 10 years.
- I fall hard for male comment!
- I set two alarms because i know i won't wake up on the first. I usually sleep through the second...who has a third alarm clock for me?
- I hate being alone
- I scream like a little girl when anything bug-like comes near me. Embaressing when it's a fly...

The people i tag are

If i tagged you and decided to take up my tag then post the link below? Thank you!


lorien kate said...

Lol Im the same with the whole maleteacher thing!!!! But now that Im not in school its my male doctors! Lol

Sarah said...

Thank you sooo much for the tag!! Its my first one

Anna said...

im just like u on #4! when i got a zit here n there, i just dont wanna inflame it by putting makeup on it, so i just beautify my eyes tee hee~ takes the attention away from da zits ya!
i think its cool that u are a cheerleader n a debator! thats so talented! dont sell yourself short gal, if u can do it, just do it! xoxo elle

Lisa Kate said...

Thanks for the tag doll! I don't think I've done this one yet :P

Love the alarm clock thing...I'm the same. Then my husband will just like OPEN THE DOOR silently and I'll wake instantly and scream, like "YOU SCARED ME!" haha Try using your cell too, thats what I do!