Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hey everyone, after the hairdressing salon today i went to Priceline for a little bit of shopping and this is what i got...

Firstly i got some Savvy eyeshadows because these have been raved about
by beauty blogger VanityMakeup.

Savvy eyeshadow in "Cafe Latte": $2.99

Savvy eyeshadow in "Bisque"(VM's staple colour): $2.99

Savvy eyeshadow in "Peach": $2.99
I was most interested to try this one

Without being touched

After swatching it is pink underneath

EcoTools 6 piece brush set: $27.95

1. Blush Brush
2. Eye Shading Brush
3. Eyeliner brush
4. Concealer Brush
5. Lash and Brow Groomer

Formula 10.0.6 "Oil-Absorbing Mud Mask": $1.59

Formula 10.0.0 "Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask": $1.59

St. Ives "Apricot Scrub": $3.49

Neutrogena "Oil Fee Acne Wash": $13.99

Neutrogena "Ultra Sheer" sunscreen lotion: $17.99

Neutrogena make-up primer: $13.99

And then the lady gave me some samples because i spent over $90

Tell me below if you have any of these products and what you think of them?
P.S: Go to for her giveaway at the moment :)


Angela said...

i love the St. Ives Apricot Scrub
one of the best face scrub out there
and ive been using it for a long time now

VanityMakeup said...

I'd totally love so see reviews on the Neutrogena products especially! I haven't really tried a lot of there products. :)

Anna said...

luv ur haul, luv priceline!
did ya put all ur stuffs in the garden??
xoxo elle

* Jen * said...

i also use st. ives apricot scrub. it is amazing!! =) and the ecotools blush brush is the best one i've tried so far. plus, it's inexpensive.

i hope you'll like them too!

❤ »Twee. said...

Awsome Haul, Awww I was at priceline the other day and I didn't see the 'Peach' savvvy shadow!=(

Lima said...

Woooo I just love hauls! :)

St Ives Apricot Scrub - Blemish Fighting is a firm fave of mine. But you gotta scrub gently because it will scratch the skin and put little tears into it.

I've also tried Neutrogena's Oil free acne wash, my skin felt quite tight after using it. :(


lorien kate said...

Becareful of the samples you got of the clean and clear products! They RUINED my skin completely. Might be dif for you though :) Any chance you could do a review on the Neutrogena suncreen??
Im buying St Ives Apricot scrub next time Im going shopping with my mum :) ! Great haul x

nessQ said...

I love that sunscreen!
The smell isn't all that sunscreen-y and it has a light scent that is not overpowering. The texture is quite nice. A small bit goes a long way so you don't end up looking like an oil slick. Once you rub in the sunscreen, it absorbs well and has a nice finish that doesn't have that white cast.

That's my opinion on it anyway :)

JustJenny said...

great haul!
loveeee the st ives apricot scrub its smells amazingggg

Jordy said...

@PCMP Forever
St. Ives Apricot Scrub may be the best scrub i have ever tried! It smells soooo good and seems like a really nice, natural exfoliator.

Jordy said...

@Lorein BeautyLove (hmmmm maybe i will just use the Clean&Clear as a last resort when travelling)
I know, i am really interested in the Neutrogena products as i haven't really tested out many of their products but they are workign well for me so far so expect a review soon :)

Jordy said...

Yer, it must be popular because their were only two left at my Priceline.

❤ »Twee. said...

Hi hun,
Yeah I found the LAST 'Peach' savvy E/S yesterday at priceline, funny because I didn't notice I purchase the exact same colours as you until i re-read your post haha BISQUE,PEACH, CAFE LATTE! hehe


Jordy said...

LOL that is such a coincidence! They are the best colours though.

Mikaela-Jane said...

I have Bisque too!!
I was also interested in Peach, but the colour didn't look like a peach to me, it had a bit of a greenish look to it, maybe that was just the shimmer? I'm not sure.
Does your priceline have testers of those eyeshadows?? Mine doesn't :( lol.

But I will be trying Peach and Cafe Latte next time!!