Sunday, October 4, 2009



Today i went to the park after work and these are some pictures...


Tell me what you have been doing recently...

P.S I got Daily Booth guys.
I kinda have no followers at the moment and would love if you stopped by :)


* Jen * said...

Good that you got to relax a bit! =) I just moved to a new apartment and I've been hauling things here & there, trying to get everything ready for the week ahead.

And I love Ecotools blush brush. Definitely my HG blush brush! I don't think I'd ever buy another one, unless the one I have gives up on me. LOL. =)

* Jen * said...

Jordy! I just noticed that we have almost the same blog title, just the names are different. Yes, I'm kind of slow like that. Hahahaha.. =D

Jordy said...

I know! Our names are super similar. Moving apartment sounds exciting! Your going to have to furnish it and everything.

Anastacia said...

I just love these pictures! Looks wow!