Monday, November 9, 2009


So it has been requested a lot recently that i start doing FOTD's and OOTD's.
At first i was like, what the heck is that, so i googled it and here are the definitions for anyone who is like me and uncool like that.
FOTD: Face Of The Day
OOTD: Outfit Of The Day

Recently i have been really into using blue so it's a really nice blue look. I must warn you that i used a lot of products.

* MAC Studio Sculpt concealer (NC20)
* MAC Studio Stick (NC25)
* MAC Studio Fix (C3)
* MAC MSF "Gold Deposit"
*MAC Shimmersand Shadestick
* MAC Freshwater Eyeshadow
* MAC Clarity Eyeshadow
* MAC Vanilla Pigment
* MAC Smouler Eye Kohl
* CoverGirl LashBlast mascara
Finished with some lipgloss:
* Chanel 105 Sideral, Levres Scintillantes Glossimer

Top: Chanel
Jeans: Supre
Necklace: Swarovski


Mac Princess said...

HOLY COW! that is a lot of products but no wonder you could provide me with such a good MAC prize when you have an impressive collection yourself. did you say that top is chanel? is it real?

Mac Princess said...

by the way your face is stunning. have you ever considered becoming a model? your lucky :(

Jordy said...

Yes, it is a lot of products. I felt like just going all out and dressing up that day. I am glad you liked your prize. Yes my top is from the Chanel boutique that is in my city. It is from the Haute Couture spring-summer 09 collection. Thank you, i'm sure your really pretty as well.

Hannah K said...

You can't even notice your wearing eyeshadow and i bet you photoshop your pictures!

lorien kate said...

Omfg, you love MAC dont you? Love practically all the makeup listed is MAC!! Lucky girl to have so much mac!!! You look stunning!! Love the lipgloss!!! Ive heard Chanel lipglosses are kinda drying though??

Ps. Whats up with that Hannah K chikc?? You should block her....

Jordy said...

@Hannah K
Yes i couldnt seem to get any good pictures of the eye look, the flash interfeared with the colours. But hopefully you can just use the products and recreate the look.
I wish i could use photoshop but it is too complicated for me. It would probz enhance the quality of my photos but it's much easier to not bother. I guess i will take that as a compliment that they look like their photoshopped?

Jordy said...

Yes. MAC is my favourite brand because the products are such good quality. The only downer is the price. I wish it was a cheap over here as it is in America.
Thank you so much for the comliment. Chanel lipgloss is very tacky and therefore drying if used on a regular basis. However, the lipgloss has to be tacky to be as pigmented as they are. I guess it just comes down to what is more important to you; condition of your lips and perfect longlasting colour.

That Hannah chick always has something to say and i am not sur ehow to block her. I guess everyone has a right to share their opinions.

Viva La Fashion said...

youre makeup looks so pretty! :)

Jordy said...

I'm not rich. I just have a lot of spare money because i live with my parents and don't have to pay for food or rent.I am a full time student and work three jobs after school and on the weekend.

Chanel is a really good quality brand and we dont have Forever21 in Australia so i can't really relate to what your saying.

Thankyou for the compliment but i would hope that my attitude would also be the reason i am successful.

Besides, being a model isn't even my dream job. I would much rather be a lawyer. Boring dream i know but Law is something i am really interested in.

VanityMakeup is my friend and i don't appreciate you insulting her like that.

Jordy said...

@Viva La Fashion
Thank you darl. Make-up is something i really enjoy :)

Mac Princess said...

Na i wish i was as pretty as you. Your stunning. WOW and here i was thinking your Chanel was fake. Lucky girl.
Also, are you going to do a review on your Louis Vuitton bag because you didn't reply when i asked you in a different post.
thanks cutie

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
naaw, thanks.
Oh yes, i forgot. I need to do a review on The Body Shop Tea Tree Mask and my Louis Vuitton bag.
What would you want to know about the bag, cause well it's just a bag and...i just put my stuff in it and take it places.

Mac Princess said...

*gasp* it is not just a bag. It is a multi thousand $ collectors item that represents money and style. I would like to know how much it was, where you got it, how big it is, the collection, what made you decide to get it. etc.

Victoria said...

Pretty lipgloss

Anonymous said...

Your really pretty ! I can tell you like mac alot, do you think you will be getting anything from the holiday collection? just wondering :)