Sunday, November 15, 2009

Haul 17

Hello there,

Today i have a really exciting haul! I went shopping because my birthday is coming up and i am having a party. My theme is dressing up as your favourite celebrity so i am going as Lady GaGa. I needed to get an outfit and some makeup in order to achieve the look so i went shopping. Here is what i got. ..

Estee Lauder lipstick pack: $72.00

Comes with 5 gorgeous lipsticks!!

Then i went to MAC

MAC Fogery eyeshadow: $32.00
(It is actually a really glittery silver but it is not coming up)
(This will go well over MAC "Blackground" paint pot to create the perfect Lady GaGa eyeshadow)

MAC "Blackground" Paint Pot: $36.00

MAC "Baby Sparks" Dazzleglass: $42.00
(My second one)
I'm actually doing black cupid lips with MAC "Black Knight" lipstick that came out with the Style Black collection. This was purchased simply because i ran out of my other one. I still need to do my haul from Style Black and Swarovski.

Sportsgirl lipgloss in "Just The Two Of Us": $18.00
(I got this because i thought that it might be a dupe for "Baby Sparks")
(I am not sure of the price because i lost the reciept but i know i handed over $20 and got a few dollars change)

Clinique 3 Step Skincare System: $117.00
(It came in a cute bag with some samples because it was a Christmas pack)

The samples

Lady GaGa dress: $38.00

Inspired by this dress she wore.

Be Yourself "Tropical Collection": $10.99
(I got this because Lady GaGa often wears black nails and it's limited edition)
Target "Kabuki Woven Vamp" Heels: $44.99
(Weird name...)
So that is my haul.
Let me know what you think and if you have any questions or requests.


Mac Princess said...

Were these birthday presents or just presents to yourself using your own money? Those shoes are to die for how high are they? I think that your going to look exactly like Lady GaGa at your party so could you please post a picture of your look when you are finished like maybe in the form of a OOTD and FOTD? Wait didnt you just buy Clinique a few weeks quick do you use it!?! one more thing, i cant really afford MAC so would you be able to do a post comparing the sportsgirl lipgloss and the mac one? Thanks

Mac Princess said...

oops im sorry i asked so many questions and you dont have to answer them all if you dont want to.

DinaXYYan said...

wow, awesome haul!!!
the dress looks cute too, can't wait to see your Lady Gaga look :)

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
WOAH lots of questions.
1. It was all using my own money. I am going late night shopping this Thursday for my birthday party supplies and next Thursday for my birthday presents. My Birthday is not until the 27th and my party is not until the 21st so i don't have any presents yet.
2. They are really nice, i will post some more pictures soon of the heel on them.
3. That is a really good idea, i will try and get it up on the Sunday because my party is on the Saturday.
4. I did buy Clinique only a few weeks ago but in the Christmas pack you got two free samples and a bag so i figured that i might as well just stock up now.
5. That sounds like a really good idea for a post, i will try and get it up for you sometime this week. However, i can promise anything because i have a lot of assignments due.
Thank you for always commenting

Jordy said...

I was going to get a Leotard but it looked a little tacky. I'm so excited, i will be sure to do a FOTD and OOTD.

lorien kate said...

LOVEEEEE the dress!!! Omfg, where'd you get it from?? Also, is the Sportsgirl lipgloss moisturizing? Or not really??? My lips are like SUPER dry so I NEED lipglosses that moisturize but still look pretty :) .. Would loven to see the Style Black haul!!!

Anonymous said...

That dress is amazing! I love forgery e/s. Be sure to post pics of your look! xo em

brook said...

I can't wait to see how your look comes together!!! I hope you post pics! It makes me want to host a party. My birthday is next month. :)

Jordy said...

Hi, it's from Supre. Probz the most tasteful of clothes they have.
I read your comment this morning, so just before i left for school i grabbed my Sportgirl lipgloss so i could honestly tell you if its moisturising.

I'm going to have to say that it is! The smell is a little like coconut and pen ink (according to my friend Johanna)but it does feel very nice on my lips, like a lipbalm.

Therefore i do believe that it is moisturising but it doesnt make your lips pink and is just a clear gloss.

Okay, i will get the Style Black haul up. I just wasn't sure if it was too little too late cause its kinda an old collection.

Jordy said...

I know, i didnt know Supre had such nice clothes. Must i say that it was hanging beside a leather leotard so....yerr
I will def post pics.

Jordy said...

Thanks, i am so excited. I will make sure that i post pics. Well thats perfect, your birthday is coming up and you should have a party :)
Your birthday is very close to christmas.
I think you should have a party ;)

Allison Nickels said...

In my opinion i think you are wasting your money with those exxy brands.
Clean & Clear works just as good as Clinique.
You could have just bought a simple black dress and sewn tule onto it.
You could have picked the same shoes in a month on clearance.
If you only bought that pack because you needed a black nail polish. then why didn't you just buy a black nail polish?
You didnt need to but 2 exact same lipgloss' either!

Jordy said...

Products work differenty depending on the person. I have found that Clean&Clear didn't do much for my skin and was therefore forced to try the expensive brands.
My mum actually said the same thing as i bought the dress but unfortunatley i'm not very good at Home Economics Sewing.
I know about clearance sales but they were just so cute and i didn't want them to get away from me. What if they sold out? I wouldnt forgive myself!
The nail polish pack was limited edition and i still like all the other colours. A girl can never have too much nail polish!
I bought both of those lipgloss' because i want to do a post comparing them as a cheaper alternative to MAC lipgloss.

I hope now that you understand. I know its easy to be negative but maybe put in the effort to be positive?

Jessica Holloway said...

Hello. I have been a silent reader of your blog for about 2-3 months now. I dont know what but i can completley relate to everything you say. The products that you talk about i can actually obtain because i live in Australia just like you. I always get so upset when bloggers talk about nars and urban decay and opi and china glaze and i can never get them. So i am so glad that you can go out and buy Australis to review and then i can read about something that i may actually be able to buy. I also follow you on daily booth and think that you are really pretty. As a 12 year old i really look up to you. Although sometimes i get jealous of the things that you can afford to buy and that, i remind myself that i am lucky to be able to afford drugstore and that i admire you and you are a nice person so i cant leave you hate comments. I know that AllisonNickels is just jealous. You can definetli tell. Don't feel that you have to defend yourself, just dont reply to it and i bet she will come around. I have been so close to making an account just to write hate comment on here but i have realized that it comes from jealous. that is why i am saying dont listen to it. she is just jealous. i know thats what everyone says and stuff but its true. so i just wanted to say that i started my blog mainly because of you and a few other people on this blog. so keep doing what you are doing.

Unknown said...

What a great haul! I think everything you picked will complete your Lady GaGa look! Great picks :D
That dress is so gorgeous! It looks like something she would wear and I just love it on it's own as well. Can't wait to see your look all put together! Good luck and have fun! :D

Viva La Fashion said...

mac! mac! mac!= love! love! love!

<3 hauls! :D

Jordy said...

@Jessica Holloway
Thank you so much for the sweet comment.
I am glad people are getting something form this.

Jordy said...

Thank you, it is such nice dress.
I am glad that my purchases actually make sense.
I will make sure to post photos :)

Jordy said...

@Viva La fashion
GOSH i love hauls as well!!