Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I am sorry i have been hauling so much but it is just because it's my birthday. LOL it's my birthday and i can haul if i want to.
This time it is presents from my parents. They took me shopping to buy some birthday presents and i found some really nice stuff from various stores all over my city. I can not tell you the exact price because my parents have the receipts and won't let me have them cause they are "presents" and i shouldn't know the price, but i spent $800 on clothes and $100 on makeup.

Since it is such a large haul, i have split it into 2 seperate posts. This one includes half the clothes and none of the makeup.
Please note that some boutique names are not mentioned because they are unique to where i live and it may give away my destination. We shall refer to them as boutique (insert number here).
Also, I have two very special purchases that i am leaving until the end, so stay tuned for that.

Boutique 1

Sequin boob tube
Gradient effect, sparkly, halter neck

Silky, flower tank top
Glittery, lace, flower design top.

Boutique 2
Ruffled sleeve, tank top.

Tie-up Cami
Burgendy and Magenta pink tank top.

Sea blue, long sleeved, vintage tank.

Cardigan material with slits down the side of the long sleeve.

Brown and deep Rose striped shirt

Blue button up, cotton t-shirt.

Red leather handbag with studded metal decals.

Sunglasses with pearl and gold decals.

Immitation Ray Bans



"Rip Curl" Swimming shirt

"Billabong" Board Shorts


Layered and strapless top.
NAME: Gadmium Green

Silk halter neck. Synced design. Gold stitching.
NAME: Dark Sienna


lorien kate said...

Lovw the immitation ray bans!!! My dad has a thousand pairs for ages ago, but they dont fit me arrgh. i want my facw to grow bigger so i can wear his vintage ray bans!! x

Anonymous said...

aaw how lovely !! x

Laura said...

haha, oops sorry for not answering right away! my birthday's march 18 :)
happy late birthday again! birthday hauls = <3 lol

Jordy said...

LOL how big does you face have to grow for them to fit?
Vintage is always the best!!

Jordy said...

My parents are just the cutest

Jordy said...

Ahhh your a Pisces. Thats cute, your birthday is coming up. Are you having a party?

Mac Princess said...

Those Chanel items are GORGEOUS!!
I can not believe you get to spend $900 on your birthday!!! Thats CRAZY!!
I went to the Chanel store a few weeks ago (just looking of course) :(, and i saw that green top. I thought it was a little too crazy for me though so i was okay that i couldnt afford it.
Amazing haul!

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

i must admit you got some cute stuff but i would not pay for Chanel!?!?! Besides, your using your parents money and not yours!!! explain that when you always go on about it being your own money...

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
Chanel is my favourite brand cause of their gorgeous clothes.
Yes my parents are very generous when it comes to birthdays and christmas.
I must agree. I think that it is a very couture piece. I love the layers of silk, lace and lycra!!

Jordy said...

Um, its my birthday haul?