Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hello everyone,
I have been super busy recently with school, my birthday, end of year parties and early Christmas ones! Although my birthday is not until next Friday (27th November), I had my party this weekend and some of my friends came over and celebrated me turning another year older. This post is a haul of the presents I received from my friends. The next post will be about what I wore because I know many people are interested. These are only presents from friends and a family member i don't see very often. I will recieve presents from my close and extended family next Friday when we go out to diner.

A Prouds necklace and earring set: Violeta

4x Bazzar magazine 5 piece make-up brush sets.
My dad's uncle works at this magazine recylcling place where they get all of the free things that come with the magazines. But he lives in Sydney so my dad's mum gave them to me.
She also gave me a box of my favourite chocolates.

MIKI DIY lipgloss set and girlie shaped soap: Ella

Britney Spears Fantasy 100ml purfume: Libby

Chi Chi hand cream: Monique

Watch, pen, notebook: Audrey

Nepoleon Perdis $50 giftcard: Olivia

MIKI wishing wands, Clarins bath set: Ellen

Jelly Beans and lollipop: Alex

Solace coconut bath set: Scarlet

Swiss chocolate: Tiarn (she just came back from Switzerland)

Leather wallet and bracelet: My sisters friend.
This was so kind of her because she was only invited to keep Madison (my sister) out of my way and she still brought me a present. SO CUTE!

* $20 iTunes card: Georgie
* $40 Diva card: Rachel
* $30 Napoleon Perdis card: Nicola
* $40 MYER card: Angela
$20: Chelsea
$20: Sian
$20: Caroline
$15: Dani

My cards.

An overall of what i recieved.

I would just like to say thank you sooo much to all of my friends. Thanks for coming to my party...even if you didn't you still wished me a happy birthday and gave me a present. I was so overwhelmed at the generosity that some of my friends displayed. I am so lucky to have such amazing friends.


Mac Princess said...

u fo sure scored a lot of nice prezzies.
You must have such great friends!!
The things i can believe you got are
The BS purfume, those things are $60 a bottle
The necklace and earring set. Prouds? are you kidding? thats only one step dwn from tiffany and co!
+ you have $80 towards NP makeup from only 2 giftcards
enough to buy a mac eyeshadow from a $40 myer card.
such nice and rich friends you must have

JustJenny said...

omg major jealousy, the presents are amazing!!
I love a mixture of real gifts and giftcards, its the best to recieve things but also to pick out your own
happy birthday for friday!

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
I know, my friends are THE BEST!!
Violeta is the friend who brought me the Prouds necklace & earring set and she couldn't even make it to my party but still bought me a present.
I agree. I was so shocked at everything i got because now i am going to be able to do a heap of shopping and it will all be FREE.
I am going to have to pay them all back though with really good prezzies for their birthday.

Jordy said...

amazing presents from amazing friends!
Yes i agree. Although i love getting presents on my birthday. There is something better about giftcards how you can go shopping and not have to pay!

DinaXYYan said...

nice haul of presents! your friends and family are so thoughtful :D

lorien kate said...

Aww wow!! I love giftcards! The $50 napoleon perdis and the $40 myer one will you get some nice things!! Theyre like ideal presents!! x

Viva La Fashion said...

lucky! :) i'm so jealous. :)

Laura said...

really cute gifts! friends always get you the best presents :)
happy early birthday! :D

Mikaela-Jane said...

Wow! Amazing gifts!!

Happy Birthday for Friday!

I have replied to your comment on my recent post!

Hope you're well!


Jordy said...

They are actually from just friends.
My family will give me my presents on Friday.
When is your birthday?

Jordy said...

I reckon!! Giftcards for makeup from NP and MYER...WOW

Jordy said...

@Viva La Fashion
Don't be, i am sure that you will get just as much for your birthday :)

Jordy said...

Thanks, they sure do.

Jordy said...

Thanks darl, I will check that out now.
I am very well. Very excited for my birthday dinner on Friday :)

Jessica Holloway said...

OH MY GOD im so jealous
what nice friends you surely have
i can't believe all of the amazing gifts you got
and your telling me that your family still needs to give you gifts?
how big is your bathroom???

Jordy said...

I love my friends :)
Yes, on Friday all of my family are going out to dinner for my birthday.
I have a reasonably big bathroom buts its more so that i do not have to share with anyone.
My siblings share another bathroom together and my parents have their own.

DinaXYYan said...

oh, my birthday is on march. :D
of course you can enter but can you follow me first? it's on the rule :)

Jordy said...

Going back to read now ;)

DinaXYYan said...

it's okay :D thanks for entering anyways!

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

who gave you JELLYBEANS for your birthday???
someones a cheapskate....
or is it just because you haven't know her for long?
LOL thats the worst present in history...tight arse alex!!
Is it a boy or girl?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It was my birthday the other day and I got the same necklace & earings, perfume and giftcards except the NP one from some of my friends :O :O not kidding thats weird right?! Have a good birthday on Friday!!

Jordy said...

WOW that is scary!!! We must have similar taste or that's what is on sale at the moment.

Jessica Holloway said...

your so lucky you don't have to share with anyone!! I dream of a bathroom covered in nothing but all of MY beauty products.

Jordy said...

LOL i am sure it doesnt really matter if you share with someone, just make sure that you get some personal space to put your things.

Unknown said...

Ooooh I love your gifts! Especially the butterfly notebook! :) the brown makeup case is nice too. And those are ALSO MY FAV chocolates :D I almost always get them for Christmas :)