Wednesday, December 9, 2009



I was recently sent some lip products from a company called Amuse, asking me to review their products. It's nice to do a post other than a haul for a change. They are an American company that distributes cosmetics, specifically makeup. You can purchase their products from their website ( Amuse is produced and packaged in California.

I was sent 3 lipsticks and 3 lipglosses.

A very deep red.
MAC DUPE: Brick-O-LaAtomic
A peachy tan.
MAC DUPE: Jubilee
Cherry Blossom
A cherry pink.
MAC DUPE: Lickable
OVERALL:Amuse lipsticks come with a mirror on the side for handy use. Amuse lipsticks are very soft and moisturising. They seem to glide on. However, the softness means that melting could be an issue.

Brilliant Rose
A Rosey, natural pink.
MAC DUPE: Perfectly UnOrdinary Dazzleglass Creme
Amaranth Magenta
A metalic finish, baby pink.
MAC DUPE: There is nothing in my MAC collection that i can refer to. This seems to be a rare gloss.
Jazzberry Jam
A dark plum with hints of dark pink.
MAC DUPE: Star Nova Lustreglass
OVERALL:Amuse lipglosses are double sided; one side for colour and the other for gloss. Very comparable to the "Maybelline ColourStay Shein" lipgloss range. The pigmentation is, in fact, amazing. Very glossy and long lasting.


In conclusion, Amuse seems to be quite a nice brand. I have not heard of them until now and was a bit hesitant when they emailed me offering me some products to review. However, i set up a postbox and was pleasently surprised when i recieved them a week later.

Also, yesterday i recieved some products from The Colour Institute after they stumbled across my blog and saw that i had bought some of their products previously. They kindly offered to send me some more in return for an honest review.

Which reminds me, these are my true thoughts and opinions on the products. In no way have i been trapped into giving them a good review.



Mac Princess said...

Amuse seems like a nice brand, maybe if i see them around i will pick up a few of their products and tell you how it goes.

Jessica Holloway said...

Oooo i love the new layout
i have never heard of this brand, well i guess i have now LOL

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
Thanks, please do!

Thank you. LOL i guess.

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

amuse? strange name?
they sound like a good product

Jordy said...

LOL yes original name, they sure are.