Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am going to do another FOTD and i also have a NOTD. This is the makeup that i am wearing to work today (I work at a hairdressng salon, just to clear that up). I am doing a late night Thursday which is 2pm-7pm. Today's FOTD is going to be a little bit different because it is only using drugstore products. I have decided to do this because drugstore products are so easily accessable and a lot more practical. I hope this post will show that you can use inexpensive makeup to create the same look as you would when using high end brands.


The Finished Look

1. Start by cleansing, toning and moisturising your face.
2. Apply concealer, foundation, powder and finish with a bronzer or blush. Set with finishing veil.
3. Line your eye with Catwalk lining pencil in "Blue Star".
4. Take the bottom right colour in the FOA creme shadow palette.
5. Use Chi Chi "Toy Boy" to cover the lid with a light blue.
6. Take JAC "Blue Ash" to use in your crease.
7. Then get BYS shimmer powder in "Sky Blue" and cover the light blue focussing on brightening the lid near your lashes.
7. Get the JAC triple treat palette and use the white as a hilight.
8. Apply Maybelline Define-A-Lash mascara to volumise lashes.
9. Don't wait for that to dry and take Revlon Double Twist mascara to lengthen lashes.
10. Take Chi Chi "Front Row Girl" lipstick and dab that on to just get a subtle burgendy red. Pair that with Australis Colour Inject in "Lambada"

FOA pressed powder in "Outback Honey Beige"
Revlon bronzing powder in "Sun"
Maybelline finishing powder in "Medium"
Australis stayput foundation in "Natural Beige"
Prestige LightResponse concealer in "Latte"

Chi Chi eye shadow in "Toy Boy"
JAC Cosmetics eye shadow in "Blue Ash"
JAC Cosmetics Triple Treat eye palette in "Night on Town"
FOA creme shadows palette in "Sea Breeze"
BYS Shimmer Powder in "Sky Blue"
Catwalk lining pencil in "Blue Star"
Maybelline Define-A-Lash mascara in "Black"
Revlon Double Twist mascara in "Blackest Black"

Chi Chi lipstick in "Front Row Girl"
Australis Colour-Inject lipgloss in "Lambada"

Revlon "Silver Screen"
A very metallic/reflective silver. A great christmas colour if it snows where you are as it reminds me of a white christmas.


Mac Princess said...

I like your mac look better. i know that you are trying to make it seem as though you use drugstore products as well as high end products and they work just as well but you dont have to because i thinkeveryone knows high end is better than drugstore and so is the finished product.

Jessica Holloway said...

I am going to have to agree and say the high end brand looks a lot better. I really like those nails though and the drugstore products are quite pretty. you should do more notd's. how much was that maybelline finishing veil stuff and where did you get it. i am looking for a new finishing powder from the drugstore and it must be good if your using it.

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

I heart that nail polish colour. I am guessing you have a truck load full of drugstore makeup cause its so cheap and your so rich. and before you say "oh im not rich" you need to shut it and see the homeless people everywhere. sorry to be so harsh but thats reality. i do love your blog and all but sometimes i dont think you know how good you've got it.

Hannah K said...

two mascaras? im lucky to even have one. betcha bottom $ you have more than 2 as well.
you have such long eyelashes, simply stunning.

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
It is kind of true what you are saying but i still think you can acheive good looks using drugstore. I think it is the picture that lets the look down.

Jordy said...

I guess the higher brand does look a little better. However, i still love drugstore.
The Maybelline Finishing Powder was $16.95. ( Much cheaper than MAC and it works really well. I would reccomend it.

Jordy said...

It is quite interesting! Silver nailpolish??
I know where you are coming from and i do give to charities and always spare some change when i pass homeless people.
I know i cant talk because i am not in their position but i try to help them out as much as i can.

Jordy said...

Your right, its stupid to have that many mascaras but i like pairing mascaras.