Friday, December 18, 2009


So basically what i think about hauls as of now is summed up here.
Just click it and watch if you are wondering why i am doing hauls again or you are about to leave hate comments on this post.

I have been shopping a lot recently because it is school holidays but i think i may be pushing it if i haul all the stuff i got while i was taking a break. So i will just post the items i bought today :)

Casual Jersy Top: Pepper 80s Kitten Tee, Grey Marle.

Floral Dress

Rip Curl: Yellow Cami

Double Layered: Floral Print Cami

Cotton Dress: Pink with Gold decals

Cotton Dress: Pink with Black zips and Gold decals.

Hot Diva Purfume
(This was like bargain of the day. I don't even care about the brand because what made me love it was the smell. Besides, you can't beat the price, especially for a purfume.

Trina & Co clutch/makeup bag
I am going to use this as a clutch for this gorgeous champagne coloured dress i got for my birthday

Colour Disc in "Fuschia"
Guess what! I forgot to use my gift card! I payed with my debit card by accident! haha :)
Well i just thought i will give you all an update on my life and such.
It's school hoidays and that's always fun. So i have been shopping like crazy with the girls getting ready for christmas. I have bought my parents their presents.
I am giving my mum: Minerals From The Dead Sea, Mud Mask.
I can't believe i havn't told her yet because i suck at keeping secrets and it's actually a pretty cute story. We were shopping at my mall and my mum came across this little stall that sold skincare. She saw a mask that looked really nice so the lady tried it on my hand and we saw the difference right away. This stuff was a magic maker right!! So then the lady told her it was $220 and she kindly refused to pay that much and we went off on our way. The whole way home she was talking about how nice that product was but how she wasn't prepared to pay that much money for it. So, i thought it would be a nice surprise for her and got it while i was shopping with one of my friends. It is a really nice mask. Reduced; ageing, acne, redness, scars, dryness and oilyness. My mum is only 32 and already has 5 kids. Oldest being 14 (me) and youngest being 5 months. So i decided to treat her and get her something she actually wanted, will have time to use and benefit from.
I am giving my dad: A Slushie Maker.
I saw the way he was looking at this when we were shopping...he just didnt want to seem immature (He is only 30).
I am giving Madison: A DIY lipgloss set.
This is my oldest sister and the only sibling i am getting anything for because she is 9 and then Harry is the next oldest and he is only 4 so my parents have him covered in the present department. Not that they don't have Maddy covered but more that he doesn't even fully understand Christmas and the giving presents bit.
Working Hours
What else is going hours are being increased at the hairdressing salon as i have worked the past 3 days. Yet decreased at the Bakery because they already have enough supplies for the next week. Both are family owned business' so there isn't really any tension going on there in regards to hours and stuff. I just work when they need help, which is quite often.
Getting Fat
I am also dreading the Christmas food because i think i am putting on weight. I wake up at 6am every morning and go for a run with my mum but i think i am putting on weight!! It's crazy i have gone from 44kg to 49kg!! In like the past month!! Mum says its cause I'm growing but i say it's cause i like Big Macs.

ANYWAYZ i better shut up and let you get back to your life. Tell me if you love, like or hate me rambling in updates like this.


lorien kate said...

OMg! Sif your mums only 32! my mums like 50+ haha shes accient, but gorgeous. Awesome haul! Stop being so sensitive and just post everything lol 44kg.. holy shit, your kinda tiny? Thats like Nicole Richie thin!! Your way thoughtful with your gifts, I dont really get my parents anything cos I dont know what to get them!!! lol they just love a card and lotrs of hugs :) x

Mac Princess said...

glad you are still doing hauls. noone cares anymore if your stinkin rich. we only expect the best hauls in return. I loovvve that cat shirt. uber cute.

Jessica Holloway said...

You should do outfits of the day. that way we can see how the clothes actually look on you.

JustJenny said...

wow the gift to your mum is so cute and nice of you!
i love hauls, even the ones that include prices, i don't feel its a form of bragging its just sharing :)

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

Can you do like a clothes collection or something if that even exsists.
I just really want to see your sense of style
that and all the clothes you have.

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...
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Hannah K said...

Hey your tiny, wii fit says u are ideal. doyou have that game? Napoleon Perdis is the bomb and holy crap you have tonnes of clothes. oh and thats amazing how much you spent on your mum and dad. your like a perfect daughter or something?

Jordy said...

Yer i guess its a bit young aye. I really do need to stop being so sensitive. Hugs are the best ever in a parents mind :)

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
The cat shirt is one of my favourites at the moment. Forever New has such nice stuff.

Jordy said...

Thats a good idea, because some clothes look different on and paired with other items or accessories. I will defintley look into it.

Jordy said...

I really hope she likes it!!!
I do think prices help because they give the viewer more information on the product.

Jordy said...

Uhhhh, im not sure.
If i figure out a way to do that i will defintley do it. Just gotta figure out how :)

Jordy said...

Haha yer i have Wii Fit and i am in the ideal range. NP is a nice brand, i love their lipgloss. I wear all of my clothes so its not like i waste my money or anything. I have my moments :)