Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hello everyone,
I have something really important to tell you guys. I am no longer doing hauls. This will be my last haul. It is not that i am not going to buy anything, i am just not going to post it on here anymore. I am sorry and this is not your fault. I am NOT discontinuing hauls JUST because some people have been commenting nastily. It is more because i no longer feel morally correct to post what i have bought. Our economy is pretty bad still and not many people can afford to be spending massive amounts of money on clothes and makeup. Hauls may be fun for some people but for others it makes them feel horrible. I just feel kind of rude to show off what i have bought. I know that it is with my own money and i should be proud of my purchases. I know that a lot of you still would like to see my hauls. But it is for my own reasons and please do not feel like you have done anything wrong.

* I could just not include the prices.
* I could just do an occasional haul.
* I put a disclaimer in explaining my financial situation and my reasoning behind purchases.
* "Stuff" the people who dont like my hauling.
Also, it has been requested that i could possibly do a christmas haul. I will keep that in mind because maybe that would be okay considering it is from "Santa".

Australis Colour Inject, Mineral Lip Gloss in "Lambada"
Target had a deal on Chi Chi lip products; buy one get the second half price.
Chi Chi lipsticks are $20 each so i bought 4 which worked out to be;
2 for $10
2 for $20
Space Waitress

Retail Therapy

Front Row Girl
I must have forgotten to take a picture of "Chi Chi Wonderland". But it is a deep cinnamon colour. I might update this post with it if you would like to see.

Chi Chi Blush in "Maneater"

Chi Chi eyeshadow in "Toy Boy"

Prestige eyeshadow quad in "Electronic"

Prestige eyeshadow quad in "Digital"

Prestige Jetstream lipgloss in "Melon Ball"

Prestige concealer in "Latte"

Prestige Correctives in "Lilac" & "Mint"

Coathangers (i really couldnt be bothered sorting out all the stuff around it). They are so cute and pink!!

MAC "Gently Off" Eye and Lip, Makeup Remover


Jessica Holloway said...

You could just not include the prices!!!
better yet just stuff the people who dont support your hauls!!

J-ezzy said...

Sorry to hear that, I personally love Hauls (not including prices and doing occasional hauls sounds good)

Recommendation, please try velvet hangers, I've been using them for years and I could NEVER go back to any other type of hanger. :)

Mac Princess said...

please dont quite your hauls i am begging you
your loyal followers (like myself) know your financial situation and how you can buy your products and why. maybe you should put a disclaimer in there informing them about how you can afford it ect. just for the people who dont usually read your blog dont write hater comments.

DinaXYYan said...

i love haul posts. but it's your decision anyway.
anyways, nice haul :D

lorien kate said...

Thats so unfortunate that your not doing hauls anymore :( make sure you do loads of reviews then :D just letting you know, that you purchasing stuff is actually SAVING OUR ECONOMY.... because if no one bought anything, than everywhere would go out of business!!!! thats why the government gave out $900, to keep us spending!! x

lorien kate said...

Ps do you like the lipgloss? :) x

Jordy said...

Thank you for your suggestions around not hauling i will think about them.

Jordy said...

Velvet hangers? I like the sounds of that. Are they softer on your clothes and what makes you love them?

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
Thank you for the suggestions, i will consider them.

Jordy said...

Thanks for understanding, i will let you know how i go.

Jordy said...

Hauling just started feeling wrong but lots of suggestions have been put out there that i will think about considering next year. I know, i will have to replace my hauls with reviews and that sounds like i am going to be busy reviewing products. I think your right about the whole saving the econemy thing. I never thought of it that way but nevertheless i am still going to spent money. The government gave out $900?! Thats so cool.
I will post on your blog what i think of the lipgloss.

Mac Princess said...

Please do consider them.
I dont think it is worth it to quit them.

Jessica Holloway said...

no worries
what do you think about the chi chi lipsticks
they have nice packaging

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
I don't know, i am just going to forget about it until next year and then maybe i will make a decision wether i still want to do hauls still. I didn't know people liked them that much.

Jordy said...

Yes i love the packaging it is so cute!! The diamonties and the chrome silver packaging :)

GlossQueen said...

Great haul!

I agree with everyone else, I love seeing haul posts.

How are you liking the MAC m/u remover?