Monday, December 28, 2009


Today i had a friend over, which i normally dont tell you if i do, but today was special. My little brother, Harrison (4), has collated 3 whole box fulls of un-built LEGO. So Monique and I decided that maybe we would help the little hommie out and build it for him.

Say HI to the LEGO building team. Harrison behind us, me with the blonde hair and Monique with the brown hair.

We got straight to work. Do you know how hard it is finding pieces that the damn instructions claim you need within 6 different LEGO settings. (City, Police, Farm ect.)

My little sister, Amber (2), even got into it.

Then we got a little side tracked and decided to capture a picture of us throwing LEGO in the air. This is a FAIL!

But then success!!!

We then blamed us getting side tracked on our empty stomaches. So we decided to take a break.

Called a few really this isnt just a pose, we were on the phone.

Then it was time for clean up.

It was such hard work Monique had to fan me with a LEGO box lid.

Then i bet your wondering what we acomplished. Absolutley nothing. Except for these...mine was supposed to be a Police Station and Moniques was a Garage. They aren't complete so maybe there will be a part 2 to this story.

Then i decided to throw in a glamour shot. Just because this is a beauty blog and all.

I hope you are all enjoying being with your friends and family during this holiday season.


Hannah K said...

your pretty. i really like your smile. that is so nice what you did for your brother. you look like your having fun.

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

You look so pretty in that first picture.
It looks like fun.

Jordy said...

Thank you.
Well his too young to follow instructions and my dad practically builds the majority of it, my sister has her own and is too busy with that and all my other siblings are too young. I guess it's all up to me, so i called in some back up :)

Jordy said...

Thanks :)
Haha it gets frustrating but mainly fun :)