Monday, December 28, 2009


I have a "Whats In My Purse" post already but i was thinking i would do an updated one because it has been requested along with a makeup collection and closet tour. For those people, i am still trying to figure out how i can do collections and tours, working around not having a YouTube. So here's what is in my purse...

I am now using my new Cab 55 purse, which i was super excited to recieve on Christmas day :)

Firsly, my phone is kept in the side pouch so i dont have to rummage through things when my phone rings.

I still have the same wallet, my pink leather Guess one.

I now have a second wallet to keep giftcards and membership cards in. Things that won't fit in my main wallet are put here. Just to keep my super important cards (debit, ID ect.) seperate.

Haha, this is random! My friend just came back from New Zeland and gave me a sheep keychain and magnet. I went shopping with her last week and have not gotten around to putting this elsewhere. On a side note, isn't it cute?!?!

Mentos gum. I had to try this out because the picture was the pretty and the packaging is beautiful. The taste on the other hand is yet to be adjusted to.

This is my candy purse. I know this is really stupid but noone knows anyone who eats more than i do and i am constantly craving sugar so this comes in handy.

My friend wants to borrow Mean Girls and a vintage Fall Out Boy CD so they are in my purse for when i see her on Wednesday.

A book i am currently reading. It has 896 pages and i am up to page 519. I would consider myself a confident reader but i am very proud of myself because i never read such a mature story line and i am keeping up.

Sunglasses. A must have if you dont want to fry your eyes.

-Chi Chi lipstick
-MAC Dazzleglass
- Australis lipgloss
- Revlon Kabuki
-MAC Studio Fix
-Revlon lipstick
-Bobby pin
-Spare contacts

Britney Spears "Curious". This is the mini 10ml version so it is perfect size. I think this is in here just in case i forget to put on purfume.

DKNY "Be Delicious" Green Apple purfume, Body Lotion. This is so gorgeous. Smells just like the purfume and makes my skin feel so nice.

My Clean & Clear "Mini Skin Kit". I was given this for free from Priceline when i spent over $100. The size is perfect for your purse and it really is something you must have because you never know when you are going to be caught out. Your skin will really thank you for having this.

A Chanel foundation sample. This was free when i bought some Chanel the other day. It is still in here and i think i might keep it in here because it might be useful. There is really no point me "trying this out" because this is my HG foundation anyway.

For my hair and the fly aways i may get when out. Just a tiny bit of this oil on the tips of my fingers to run down my hair and it makes a big difference.

Oh and i almost forgot! I recieved a request to show a picture of my bed linen. I am not sure why, i think people saw it as a setting to take some of my photos and wanted to see more. So here it is...kinda strange and awkward but here nevertheless.
& I have a feeling that i got asked where i got them from and how much. The answer is Myer for $300. I think the people who were ansking were American so sorry but they might not be avaliable over there.


Hannah K said...

hey jordan i havent spoken to u in 4 eva. you have lots of nice things in your purse and your bed is so pretty.

JustJenny said...

i love this tag, it seems really fun and really interesting to see :)
i have a guess wallet tooo

AislingAislingAisling27021990 said...

Nice tag :)

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

this looks like a fun tag and you carry around some pretty nice things.

Jessica Holloway said...

i can not believe you have an iphone and ur only 14 cuz im 17 and my parents wont let me get one. follow me and check out my blog.

Jordy said...

Thank you and it's just the stuff i need when i go places.

Jordy said...

Guess wallets are amazing because they are designer and very well made but usually $100 or just over. Which is really cheap for such a good quality product.

Jordy said...

Yer, it was really fun to do.

Jordy said...

Both you and Hannah said pretty much the same thing. haha thats strange.

Jordy said...

Sure, i will check out your blog now :)
I dunno i had to pay for it with my own money and all but i was going to get a Sciphone because it was much cheaper but i thought why not just spend a little more and get the real thing.

Jordy said...
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Jordy said...

I hear that they are crappy anywayz, the Schiphone that is.