Sunday, December 13, 2009



So quick post.
Basically telling you to please leave me a comment below with
* A Question (It can even be about myself and my life, i am not restricting it to just makeup)
* & A Request (Again, it can be ANYTHING. From a collection post to a review on a candy bar :0)

Participation would be wonderful and i will be replying to the questions in an upcoming post and gradually getting through the requests.



Mac Princess said...

QUESTIONS: (i have a few but it is just because you dont really talk bout ur private life on here)
how old r u?
wats ur natural hair colour and do you dye it?
do u have any siblings?
what clothing and shoe size are you?
do you prefer blush, bronzer or both?
where do you work?
what is your favourite shop?
what is your favourite brand?
would you give me your address if i asked?
i think thats all i have ever wondered but will comment again if i think of anything else. Don't forget that i am your No. 1 fan!

REQUEST: uuuuurrrr....SHOE collection

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

If you were another person would you be freiends with yourself? Have you met anyoe famous?
and i request more fotd's using more drugstore products.

Hannah K said...

i would like to know what your favourite eyeshadow and lip products are.

i mainly request you to bring back your hauls but i also request a tour of everything. purse, makeup, wardrobe, shoe and jewellery.

Jessica Holloway said...

I would like to know what your hobbies are and what you want to be when you grow up.
Also i request a skincare routine and more OOTD's

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

hi there beautiful! thanks so much for dropping on my blog. :) u got a great blog here, hope to see more from you. <333

Mac Princess said...

oh yeah thats what i was thining about a few weeks ago.
wether or not you speak just english and if you have a background or something like a culture?

AislingAislingAisling27021990 said...

Whag is your favourite makeup brand?
How did you get interested in makeup?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Who are you fave makeup bloggers?

Fave clothes
How YOU do the classic smokey eye - I find everyone has their own take on this!

Jordy said...

Your questions have been answered in the post above.