Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hi guys,
I was requested to do this by MacPrincess101, like 6 times and ages ago. But i kept postponing it and finding other things to blog about. But that wasn't fair on MacPrincess101 and i am so sorry because i know how much you wanted me to do this.
So where do i start...this was part of the problem. I didn't really know what to say other than "it's a bag and it holds my stuff" but i guess i can find some other things to say.
Maybe i will answer the frequestly asked questions i get about this bag.

1. Is it real? This is a big one! I have literally been asked this 20-25 times. Yes it is real.
2. How much was it? It retails between $2000 and $4000 depending where it is purchased.
3. Did you buy it yourself? No, i got it as a birthday present last year from my parents when i turned 13! Symbolic gift as i became a teenager that year.
4. What collection is it from? It is from the softside luggage collection and is very similar to a "Keepall 60".
5. How often do you use it? When i go on quick vacations or big day trips.
6. Is it used as a giant purse or how do you use it? I use it as a giant bag when lots of stuff is needed but mainly as luggage.

I have mentioned this LV bag in posts here and here.
Also in a YouTube video here.

Well guys...i think thats about all i can say. I have probably been asked more detailed questions but i think i covered the basics.

Love you guys,


lorien kate said...

Lucky girl! :) So nice of your parents!

Makeup By Lauren P said...

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desiiGirl87 said...

omg! lucky you! so jealous!