Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hey everyone,
I already did a post like this but on hairspray, you can read it here. I think i am going to make this a little series or something. It's just that i think this is more productive and helpful compared to 5 hauls in a row. Tell me if you like it!

When looking for a lipgloss you have to consider many different aspects. So i have created this post to show you what i look for in a lipgloss and hopefully it will help you next time your looking for a new gloss.

1. FLAVOUR: There is nothing worse than tasting the chemical waxyness of a lip product. You might not think that it is an important key in lipgloss but if you have to have it on all day, the taste will show on your face. Your look how you feel so ensure that you look at the ingredients of the lipgloss and see if there are any flavours in it to cover up the bad taste. If all else fails...research it on blogs, youtube, google, friends and family.

2. TEXTURE: You have to make sure that the product won't go on your lips goopy, chunky or thick. At the same time you dont want it to be so thin you wear the whole container at once. If there is a tester then try it on your hand . If it is uneven in some areas, thick or gloopy at all then that will give you a quick insight to what it will be like on your lips. Then touch it with your finger and if any product strings or becomes sticky through the transversion of your hand to your finger eliminate it from your choices. The last test is getting a paper towel or tissue and trying to wipe it off. If it leaves it hard to get off, sticks to everything or leaves an irriated red mark afer removal then it isn't the gloss for you.
3. SHINE: You want shine but you don't want a glassy effect. Don't be fooled by MAC's lip product "Lip Glass". Those products don't actually make your lips look like they are coated with glass and that is for the best. You also want to be able to eat without your food sliding from your lips. Look for a gloss that has more shimmer and less shine. That way it is more practical but gives the same effect.

4. PROTECTION: You want a gloss that protects your lips from the wind, chaffing, dryness. You can get an insight into if the product would help by looking at the ingredients. if it mentions any minerals, oils or softening agents then i would predict it may have some protection aspects. Also look for a gloss that has an SPF in it.

5. PRICE: you don't want to have to pay up big to get a gloss with all of the above in it. Especially when it most probably only cost a few dollars to make and has obviously been priced up when hit the shelves. You can get good stuff for cheap but make sure you don't expect too cheap. Quality is better than quantity and it's much better to have one very good gloss that you can use everyday rather than 10 which you don't necessarily love.

6. NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS This is a very controversial topic but it is always better to know that you are not supporting animal cruelty. the Body Shop is a big supporter with this so their products are heavily reccomended for this aspect. Today most brands are not tested on animals so this should be an easy one to cross off your list.

So i think i have shared with you all i know about lipgloss and what you should be looking for in one. I hope this helps you guys because i have a draw full of lipgloss to back up me up when i say...i have tried so many lip products and know the ins and outs of what a lipgloss can be. I am really looking forward to making more posts like this for you guys.


Jessica Holloway said...

Girl you are an amazing writer. This was so helpful and i learnt so much i am very thankful for you teaching me. I say hell yer make more of these posts. Your right because they are better than anything you have ever done. i think your starting to become a really great blogger that i will come to for advice before any other.

Jessica Holloway said...

Could i please reccomend that you do lyk a post lyk this part of your series thingy you have planned about nail care and stuffies? thank you.

Krissy said...

This was a really good post Jordy! I never thought about what it is that i look for in a lip gloss, but after reading this, i do actually subconsciously consider all these points before I buy a gloss. I'm definitely a fan of MAC glosses because of that amazing vanilla scent. On the other hand, I have a maybelline gloss that smells like glue. So go figure. Lol.

Makeup Kitten said...

I agree 100% with everything you say!


Gaby Fauchon said...

Nice post! Thanks for sharing (=

About #6... I was at Wal-Mart the other day and I spotted a random product that was written "Final product not tested on animal" on it. FINAL PRODUCT! Are you kidding me? Sorry, I had to share the stupidity of some people -_-

Jordy said...

Thank you so much for your extremley nice comments! More of these posts are in the works. I am so happy that you like me blog :)
Oh and i added nail care to my "How To:" list.

Jordy said...

Thank you, i never thought about these points much either to tell you the truth. But i kind of just went through everythign i know and i guess i have been subconciously doing all these things.

Jordy said...

Well that is really nice to know :)

Jordy said...

Thanks, no worries.
That is crazy! Such a flase statement. That is kind of weird. Thanks for sharing :)

Mac Princess said...

Your pro! Thanks for the post oh so verry much! I think you have lots of stuff that is needed to be heard and everything you say has a reason.

Hannah K said...

lipgloss is so pretty.