Tuesday, January 26, 2010


You have picked out your outfit and the perfect eyeshadow to match but then you begin to apply the eye shadow and realize that the colour is clashing with that of your eyes. Personally, i always stop while putting on shadow and think to myself if anything really matches deep bluey green eyes! So recently i have done a bit of research on what colours go with what eye colours and i am here to share that with you.


With blue eyes, don't even think about touching that MAC "Clarity". In other words stay away from blue because blue on blue will not work out well. If you want your eyes to look amazing then try browns with a slight purple base and taupe. If your not really into the neutrals or just want to spice things up a little then try a nice rose colour. The contrast from pink and purple will go well with blue!
Reccomended MAC Shadows: Da Bling, Swish, Creme de Violet, Sketch and Plum Dressing.


Well it looks like if you have brown eyes then you can get away with wearing almost any colour. Just try and stay away from muddy browns as that may dull out your beautiful brown colour. If you have gold flecks in your eyes then you can bring them out even further with gold shimmery shadows. Oh and green really brings out brown.
Reccomended MAC Shadows: Juxt, Bitter, Swimming, Newly Minted and Greensmoke.

If you are green eyed (not in the jealous way) then try using various shades of purple to bring out the gorgeous green. purples will contrast with green making your eyes seem more dramatic. Warm mocha browns and earth tones with hints of gold will help your green eyes. Also try lavenders and colours that match the different coloured flecks within your eyes. Green eyes are most common to multi-coloured flecks so experiment with them.
Reccomended MAC Shadows: Beautiful Iris, Par fait Amour, Idol Eyes and Stars N' Rockets.

In conclusion, don't take this post as something that you have to abide by. these are just suggestion as to what colours suit best and it should be fun choosing what colours to put on your eyes. Just try and keep your eye shadow matching either you outfit or your eyes and you will be fine. Often times, all your eyes need is a hint of colour to bring them back to life.


lorien kate said...

Great post!
Something that I always wear with my blue eyes, is deep NAVY blue.. works really well :) I think it's no so much the colour, but the "shade"... :)

Mac Princess said...

Thank you so much! This is amazing because i have really deep green eyes and everytime i put eyeshadow on it never looks quite right and i now know that colours matter. I will go and check out some of the colours you reccomended me.

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

god jordy im really likeing these posts. you have never sounded so amazing. can i please request a drugstore lipgloss collection? i really want to see your glosses but i think i would feel the need to write hate if you showed me your nars and mac.

Kristina said...


Thanks for the award. I will definitely be updating the blog with the award post. I love the advice that you have about the type of makeup would look great with all the different eye colors.

Jordy said...

Thanks, yer that sounds about right. i am sure that there are many exceptions to the rules. Its kind of just a guide and you personalize it.

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
I am so glad this post helped you, please do check out the colours. I am glad you are taking my advice.

Jordy said...

Thank you, thats a massive compliment consideirng i think i might want to be a lawyer or a journalist when i am older. Sure, i will possibly do a video on youtube and a post on blogger showing my glosses This is something i was planning on doing anywayz so thats great it is what you want to see as well :)Oh and don't worry, i won't mention high end gloss because i am at the point where i don't believe that $50 is acceptable for a gloss.

Jordy said...

No worries about the award, i am excited to see what you say. Thanks so much for the kind words, it's great to know that i am not just talking to myself.

Hannah K said...

what colour eyes do you have?

Anonymous said...

I have brown/amber eyes. Nothing really works with them, because they have an underlayer of orange. It's quite visible at the edges of my iris, and only in the middle are my eyes a proper brown.

Cosmetics Products said...

Wow Its really nice tips. I have Blue eyes :)