Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hey everyone,
NOTE: I am not a professional when it comes to deciding what is perfect for everyones hair but i work at a hairdressing salon and have picked up a few tricks and techniques so if you have any questions i would be more than happy to answer them.

Recently i FINALLY found my perfect hairspray and it has taken me so long. No wonder, considering there are so many options! If you think about it there are hundreds of brands; each with different holds, styles, purposes, names etc. It can get kind of confusing and you don't know what to look for which is what made me think of a reason to create a post about finding your perfect hair spray. Hair spray is probably the most popular hair care product on the market because it is advertised so that both female and male can use it. The point of hairspray is to stop your hair from loosing shape and coming out of place. When strating to look for a hair spray you have to determine what you want this product to assist your hair with.

Flexible Hold: You can move naturally and this product will keep the style but still move with your body. This can be used as an everyday spray to set your hair and is often called a "Setting Spray".
Strong or Extra Strength: This type of hold keep nearly all of your hair in place. Good for needs such as keeping curls springy and holding pin of straight hair. Perfect for an weather conditions your hairstyle might have to be exposed to.
Maximum, Ultra Strength or Freeze: The strongest you can get. Dries quickly and hold the most complicated of styles. However, there are some side effects with this one. Hard to wash out, tends to look stuck on your head, clumpy and crunchy.
Scent: Hairspray can sometimes almost knock you out but that isnt the way it always has tobe. Unscented is avaliable and some even smeel quite nice. I guess scent is something personal that you will have to decipher for yourself.
Delivery: You can choose from short and strong burts or even and long sprays. It depends of what kind of hair you have. For long i would say even and long sprays and for short i would say short and strong bursts.
Protection: I have seen some that say UV protectant and others that say water resistant. There is protection for whatever occasion it's just all up to wether it works or if it is a load of crap.
Hair Type: Customed for your hir type wether it be frizz, straight, curl lock, brightening etc.
Feel: Well you don't want it to be stick or shiny and definatly not crunchy or crisp. That's fine for fast food but you don't want you hair acting as an over-cooked chip.

*Don't choose a hairspray with too high of strength and hold; unless it is an occasion where not even a strand of hair can ever move then you don't need to pick the highest hold factor of the brand's range.
*Stay away from hairspray that asks you to use the product closer than 30cm. Spraying something like a varnish so close to your hair is going to make it clumpy, sticky and in turn crunchy.
* Dont completley rely on what the bottle says it will protect you from. If it says UV protectant, dont take that as an excuse to sit in the sun but also, dont feel the need to smother your hair in sunscreen. You need a hat anyway unless you want a red scalp (which i have at the moment, i just came back from holiday).

-If a hairspray bottle tells you something that seems like a nice idea but you don't necessarily need it. Don't change your lifestyle just so you can use that hairspray, a better one will come along.
- If your going shopping but it's raining so you don't want you hair to frizz, then you don't need hold factor 100. Use a simple direction spray so that your hair does not gunk up. You want a spray that you can use everday and not need to wash your hair after.

I hope you guys enjoy this post!


The Beautifier said...

Great post!! thanks for sharing such useful tips hun! xoxo

lorien kate said...

You should definitely do more of these type posts! Even if you aren't a pro, you still have more experience than most of as seeing as you work at a hair dresser :)
I work the Schwarzkopf Silhouette aswell :) Intially I just bought it cos I found one in pink and thought it look great on my blow drying table, but it works really well too! Doesnt make my hair go crunchy, and its got good hold! It even holds curls on my fine hair !!

Jessica Holloway said...

this is such an amazing post and i love how your so informative. do i take it that the schwarzkopf silhouette is your fave. i consider you pro considering you work at a salon. so pro ive got a question. can you curl your hair witha straightner? i dont really want to spend money on a curler so if its possible to use what ive got then tell me. thanks hun.

Jordy said...

@The Beautifier
Thanks, no worries!

Jordy said...

I guess,
the maint thing is that i enjoy writing these sorts of posts. They seem less pointless than a haul or something.
HAHA i love the pink one, it's a great hairspray!

Jordy said...

Ummm it's one of my faves...not the holy grail one i just found but really good. I will do a seperate posts reviewing my fave if you want?

HAHA i would not consider myself pro but im happy to help. You can actually curl your hair using a straightner.

You place the strightner at the roots as of your hair and start winding your hair around the heated plated. Clamp it together for a few seconds and slowly unclamp it in a downwards motion to keep the curl.

Amanda said...

really good tips... thank u for commenting, u are adorable = )

Mac Princess said...

Your so helpful! My fave blogger fore sure.

Jordy said...

Thanks, no worries. HAHA yes...adorable lol.

Jordy said...

@Mac princess.
Thank you so much, are you serious...because there are heaps and heaps of really nice bloggers on here.