Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hey everyone,
This was requested like 3 months ago, when i got it and i am so sorry Lorein for just getting around to it now.
QUALITY: The quality of this product is quite good. It is the consistancy of very thick cream. You can tell the products used in it are of a high quality and the Tea Tree Oil smells fresh.
FEEL: If you rub this into your skin hard enough then it will start to burn but if you are just very gentle when rubbing this in it feels calming and refreshing. You can feel it clearing your sinuses and smells fantastic.
PACKAGING: It is packed in a 110g pot. The lid is easily unscrewed and getting product out to use is no problem. The bottom has a flap that you can unpeal for more information and the packaging has everything you would ever need to know about it.
PURCHASING: I am not sure of any othe rplace that you can purchase this other than The Body Shop. Possibly online or on eBay (they seem to always have everything. The price for this mask is $18.95, for any of their other masks they are $28.95. I think that this one is cheaper because Tea Tree Oil is less expensive that honey, sea weed and all that jazz.
OVERVIEW: Overall, this is a great mask. There are better ones out there but this is a great one to try. You can feel the Tea Tree opening up your pores and it smells amazing but it burns sometimes and it doesnt have much effect on your actual skin's problem areas after use.

CONCLUSION: I reccomend this if you love your face feel fresh and tingly but if you dont need much help clearing up your skin.



Denysia said...

I got some of the body shop's tea tree products this weekend! :)

Christy said...

awesome review! and thanks for the hair advice! i hope it will start growing <3

lorien kate said...

Yay :) lol Im glad you did this review, I dont think it'd be much help for my skin, cos I have sensitive skin, and if you say it burns a little then I dunno... But you've been tempting me to try clinique!!! Ahhh, I just hate changing skincare, cos my skin reacts to everything.. :(

Thankyou so much for the shout out on your youtube :) Yay, my first youtube shout out lol Ive been watching your channel, it's really good! Im actually gonna go on it now to check if you have any new videos!! I havent been commenting on youtube, cos Ill get round to that when I start my own in a few weeks :)

Omg jordy, Ive had my nose done lol I put pics up on my blog, they're scary! But if you wanna look, don't say I didn't warn you! haha :) Keep blogging! even though you have youtube now, don't forget bout blogger :) x

Jordy said...

Really? Thats cool, you should do some reviews. They have such nice stuff there.

Jordy said...

Thanks, no worries.
I hope so too :)

Jordy said...

Yer, i would give it a miss. I am glad you are considering Clinque. Im not their sales lady or anything but that stuff is freakin amazing!!

No worries, thank for watching. I am really excited for your videos. You will be great. you have an amazing attitude.

I saw them and they scared me at first but im sure it will look beautiful when healed. Keep being a trooper.

Unknown said...

I used this mask a while ago and loved it. It does help with acne a bit but if you have sensitive skin, you can feel the burning sensation.

The Beautifier said...

I have this mask and I love the tingling sensation it gives me! I use it once a week to perk up my skin xoxo

Jessica Holloway said...

do you reccomend this for dry skin?

Jordy said...

Yes i can definatly feelthe burning sensation. But i guess if it's supposed to be helpful for acne. I just gotta suck it up.

Jordy said...

@The Beautifier
I guess if you dont have sensitive skin then it would be a tingling sensation but if you do then it burns. haha im so glad it works for you.

Jordy said...

No i wouldnt reccomend it for dry skin because the tea tree oil is supposed to suck up all the access bacteria and such which is what keeps your skin moist. Therefore i would looks for a mask aimed at moisturising and for dry skin.