Friday, January 8, 2010


Hey everyone,
I was awarded by Natalie so go check out her blog because she is so sweet.

FACT #1: I was born and raised in Australia. Well i guess i am still being raised considering i am only 14.
FACT #2: I have 3 jobs; Hairdresser, Baker and Model.
FACT #3: I am a school Cheerleader, Debator and Spirit Squad Rep.
FACT #4: When i finish school i am going to university to study a double degree of Law and Journalism.
FACT #5: I just bought a new phone. I bought this Blackberry thing. iPhones are getting old.
FACT #6: My favourite brands are MAC, Chanel, Guess, Swarovski, Cab55 and Forever New.
FACT #7: I have YouTube Channel

EXTRA FACT: I have met so many amazing people while being on Blogger which has then encouraged me to begin a YouTube channel. All guru's online are so nice, encouraging and supportive. My experience on blogger and YouTube, so far, ha been amazing and i have met so many great people.

The 7 people i tag are:

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natalielinsay said...

You're only 14? I never knew that! You seem much older :) xoxo

AislingAislingAisling27021990 said...

Wow I thought you were at leasst 18! x

Christy said...

Yippee! Thanks for the blog award hun! And I can't believe you are 14 and do so many activities! When I was 14, I was eating and sleeping :D

tennille said...

interesting facts girl!

the bronzer was $15, usually $20 but MYER was having a sale, i'll do a review once i've used up my other bronzers and get onto this one xx

Geeky Mac Boy said...

Hey thanks so much for the blog award sweetie!! I will have a response for you after I get done posting this other blog I've been working on :-D

It's nice learning a bit more about you! I'm in the process of getting a new phone too (possibly a blackberry) and it'll be for my work. Thanks again for tagging me! xox

tennille said...

thanks for your kind words, it means alot <3
i'm going to delete that pot and go about it more positive :)

Viva La Fashion said...

i didn't know you had a youtube channel. that's so cool. :)

Jordy said...

@Yep, haha what made you think that.

Jordy said...

Gosh, i dont know why :)

Jordy said...

HAHA i like to stay active and always be doing something, that way i feel like i am being productive.

Jordy said...

Oooo nice, thanks :)

Jordy said...

@Geeky Mac Boy
Oooo make sure to send me the link of the blog you have been working on :)

No worries.

thanks, yer i think its a blackberry i have, dunno.

Audrey Allure said...

congrats on the award!

love your blog! :)
- Audrey Allure <3

Jessica Holloway said...

wow. your like super multitasking and talented. congrats on the award and you go girl.

Lima said...

Thank you sooo much for the award! Can't believe you're 14! xx