Monday, January 11, 2010


Hey everyone,
So today i am going to be reviewing Face Of Australia, illuminator stick in "Bronze". So this works like a NARS multiple and they are basically the same thing. Since i choose mine in the colour bronze, it can be used as an all-over-face bronzer, eyeshadow base and contour. However, i only like using it as a contour because it feels sticky on the eyes and feels heavy all over the face.
* An affordable option for NARS Multiple lovers.
* A multi-purpose product.
* A variety and great colour selection.
* Slim, sleek and easy packaging.
* A very cute item to whip out.
* Just the right amount of glitter.
* Amazing formula and consistancy (super creamy).
* Super easy to use.
* No mess.
* Oily and greasy.
* Makes skin feel dirt when used all over.
* Sticky when used as an eyeshadow base.
* It's kind of hard to put the lid back on without jabbing it into the product therefore leaving, less than attractive, marks.
* Only avaliable in Australia (i think, well i got that from the name and the lack of hype, interest and pictures on google images)
* Not very pigmented. But maybe this is a pro, it would usually be seen as bad but i kind of like it because you can just keep adding layers to build intensity. Great if you are light skinner and don't need a dark bronzer.

To conclude, this product is great for being the same concept as a NARS Multiple and is super cute, easy and versatile. However, it is not a very global product, it's not the best if you don't like the feel of heavy, oily or greasy makeup on your face and you tend to ruin your product when jabbing it with the lid.
I give this product a: 3 out of 5


Jordy said...

oh and another thing is that it kinda smells like baby powder. It doesnt smell bad and i kind of like it because it's unique but its not that gorgeous candy scent.

Mac Princess said...

nice review. this really helped me. not sure if i can get it where i live but i really want it now that you reccomended it and said its lyka nars mp

Krissy said...

Ooh how interesting! I've seen this stick at Priceline and I was wondering how it would look...thanks for the mini review!
Btw I just looked at your profile and it said youre 14...are you seriously 14? I feel so old compared to you hahaha!

Jessica Holloway said...

thanks for telling me about this. i hope i can get it here.

Goldielocksx said...

NARS is wonderful stuff, pricey tho xx