Monday, February 1, 2010


Hey everyone,
Paris Hilton recently came out with a shoe collection and i immediently fell in love with it! I had the same reaction to the Jessica Simpson line that came out a few years back. I decided to share with you some of my favourites from her collection. i am unsure to which the extent that Paris actually designed these but they are gorgeous. I am sure all she had to do was approve them but i'm not in it for the brand, these shoes are just drop dead gorgeous!!

I hope that you guys really get inspired or feel something when you see these shoes because im not a shoe addict and these made me think so differently in regards to shoes!!

Here are just a few pictures of her shoe launch!

So i was just wondeirng if you guys could comment me informing me of any shoe brand or lines that have come out that made your jaw drop.
And for those of you that are from Australia, tell me any brands that are avaliable in stores that have gorgeous designs but won't break the bank.



Mac Princess said...

This is a great post. I love those gold shoes she is wearing and the pink pair in the first picture. ph is so pretty. these posts are so good. recently your blog has been better than ever.

Jessica Holloway said...

dayum girl you have a sassy shoe style. so many prety shoes. but i bet the prices are thru the roof. only rich people like you can afford stuff like that. its okay because im happy with my kmart flats.

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

OMFG. they are some of the cutest shoes ever. Do you wear shoes like this? They are so pretty i just dont think i have the money though.

lorien kate said...

Steve Madden has THE best heels! theyre about $200ish, which if you think bout it, like Betts shoes are like $150ish, so its not that much more expensive!
But Steve Madden heels are like PUMPS, theyre HUGE! Im like 160cm, so I love them :)

I love Paris Hiltons shoe line! Im not a fan of the ankle strap ones, or the ones with the big "jem" things on them, but the rest are GORGEOUS! Paris makes me feel so good about my size 8 feet, cos hers are like size 11 lol


heeyy hun,
thankssss for the comment babe! and the award lol <3 ♥

much love,


Amanda said...

Great post, I love shoes, I cannot decided which one is my favorite i like them all = )

nana said...

Hey hon, did the tag post ;-)

Shannon Marie said...

Oh my gosh, i need those shoes(:
I love Paris Hilton, she has such great style
I can't even pick my favourite, love them all

Trendy with Style "P" said...

I love the collection! I don't know which one to choose!! it's so difficult....all of them are super pretty!!

Musicalhouses said...

I'm just eh-okay with it. I guess it depends on what kind of price point the shoes have. If it's going to be expensive, I'd rather save to get a nicer pair from a better brand.

Geeky Mac Boy said...

I think the fuschia one at the top and the link pink pumps with the black stilletos are my 2 favs :-)

Oh and I nominated you for another blog award honey! he he

Sarah said...

Gorgeous post!!! Love them all!! I love Steve Madden and Guess for affordable yet sassy heels :)

Sarah Grace said...

I love the diamond studded heels. so cute. I love your blog.

Jordy said...

Thank you so much, i love those pink shoes too!! & I agree that Paris is gorgeous, i have never been a hater of hers.

Jordy said...

@Jessica Holloway
Thank you, but the prices are not that high and im not rich but i totally agree with you about kmart flats. Suit me fine however it's nice to have some nice shoes.

Jordy said...

@Jane Williams
I know right! Yes i do wear sheos like this when i am going out but nothing too dramatic because i am still pretty young. I actually have ordered a few pairs of these shoes from this collection of her online store so i am super excited for them to come. Prices aren't that high actually, a couple of hundred but certainly not to much.

Jordy said...

I will have to check out Steve Madden. If paris actually ceated this line by herself then i am seriously impressed. OMG i didn't know her feet were that big. She has quite large hands as well.

Jordy said...

Hey, no worries.

Jordy said...

Thats the same problem i had when trying to order. I just wanted them all!!

Jordy said...

Oh thanks, thats great. I will check it out.

Jordy said...

I love them all too but only bought 4 pairs which i thought was showing a lot of discipline.
Paris Hilton is fantastic and this line is fabulous.

Jordy said...

LOL Thats what everyone is saying. I think she did a great job making gorgeous shoes thats for sure.

Jordy said...

You make valid points. I would not have purchased anything from this line if they were any more expensive. I would have gone with Prada because they make some excellent shoes!! However, i think Paris priced them correctly and i can't wait to recieve them.

Jordy said...

@Geeky Mac Boy
Thank you so much, i will check it out right now.
Ohhh i like your shoe style. Super cute!

Jordy said...

Oh my gosh, i reckon! Guess is amazing and surprisingly cheap!! I have to check out Steve Madden. Lorein and a few others suggested them too.

Jordy said...

Thank you so much. I agree completley. So pretty.

Stacey said...

I just LOVE the hot pink heel with the diamontes on it!!! sooooo cute, and very paris hilton. I knew that mid last year you could buy her shoe line at Novo in australia. But i havent seen them in like 6months, wonder if Novo will release a new line