Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We use our hands for everything; as we punch a number into our mobile, wash the dishes, prepare a meal, gather our books out of our locker for a new class, flick through magazines and play sport. But do we ever stop to consider the the damage that all of this is doing to our nails? Our hands and nails are such an important part of our daily routine and we constantly risk their strength as we go about our day, often unintentionally. Read on to find out a few ways you can improve the condition of your nails and keep them healthy and strong.

TIP 1. INSIDE AND OUT: What makes up your nail comes from the inside so target that first by drinking lots of water. Keeping your body hydrated constantly makes your body have to work less on hydrating and more on growing. Your nails depend on you to maintain a healthy diet which consists of a large quantity.

TIP 2. NAIL POLISH: Nail polish is bad for your nails as it keeps them from getting fresh air. However, you can still wear nail polish if you take care of your manicure. You do not want the polish chipping or cracking because parts of your nail goes with it. Also, wear a base coat beneath every nail polish to stop the colour from tinting your nails and the ingredients from soaking in as much.

TIP 3. AVOID BRITTLE NAILS: Brittleness is what starts an unhealthy chain of events for your nails so avoid brittle nails! You can do this by increasing calcium in your diet, sparingly use substances containing alcohol which is nail polish and purfumes lotions, wear rubber gloves when you do chores and don't use your nails as tools. You know what i mean...attempting to open things that you need actual tools for!

TIP 4. FAKE/ACRYLIC NAILS: Avoid regular use of fake nails and if you have acrylics then i would re-think them. My mum used to have them which i thought was crazy because she has the best nails you have ever seen, no joke. They are always long with white tips and never break. So they became to much matience for her and she got them removed. After they were removed she notice that they were much weaker, they took longer to grow and were discoloured. They have recovered now but it has been 2 years. So i wouldn't reccomend getting arylic nails because they do ruin your actual nails and stay damaged for quite a long time after removal.

TIP 5. NAIL FOOD: This was kind of mentioned in Tip 1 but in this tip i will mention specific foods that will help with your nails strength. these helpful foods include asparagus, apples, brown rice, eggs, garlic, grapes, nuts, onions, salon, seeds, soy, tuna and whole grains. (The foods listed are from a website and i did not list them, that is not my writing).

So they are just a few tips and tricks i have learnt so far. It's just some things that i do to keep my nails healthy and strong.


Hannah K said...

how do you know all this stuff? you seem to know everyhthing. i have been watching your youtube lately and your so pretty. i swear you are prettier than anyone at my college and anyone i know. even prettier than moston youtube. i have never been a fan of juicystar007. she isnt very pretty. but i think you look a bit like meganheartsmakeup. dontcha think? anywayz i really liek your tips.

Jessica Holloway said...

do you paint your own nails or get them done at a salon? you know so much about beauty and i have just realized this as you started making these how to posts. These are very helpful and i think that people on here are going to start copying you. like hannah montanna once said. i create the trends not copy them. your such an individual.

Krissy said...

Nice tips jordy!
I recently got gel nails because my natural nails would grow long but then get weak and peel/break off. I'm loving my long nails, theyre so strong and while I do worry about what my natural nails look like underneath, I'm sure it wont be too bad.
These advice posts that you've been doing lately have made me wanna post stuff other than hauls and things about my life lol!

DinaXYYan said...

Thanks for the tips Jordan! My nails are really weak, but I'm too lazy to take care of them. I think I have to start taking care of them now :D

India said...

Your nails look great! I wish I could make mine that pretty haha xx

The Sparkly Poo said...

Lovely post, and was it you who made the first nail design with the roses cause that is astoundingly gorgeous :) Please follow me? xxx

Shannon Marie said...

Your nails are amazing.
I love the nails with the dots on, so cute(:
But the first one with the roses on is just amazing!
Love your blog <3

Laura said...

ooh, the nails in that first picture are my favorite, soo pretty!
i've only had acrylics twice, & after i took them off, my nails were the same way! it took such a long time to get them healthy again - not getting those ever again!
thanks for the post! i really like these how-to's :)

Jessica Holloway said...

so pretty.