Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hey everyone,
Recently i havn't been that into MAC, hence my very few MAC hauls, but i'm pretty sure that i am starting to get back into it and hope to find the chance to visit their counter again soon. My last MAC haul was 24/01/10 which was about a month ago but it feels way longer. You can see this haul here on
blogger and YouTube.

So i guess i wanted to talked about Dazzleglasses which is why i titled the post "MAC Dazzleglasses". They really are my favourite lip products of all time and better than any other MAC lip products. I am not a Lustreglass, Lip Glass or Plush Glass fan.

MAC Dazzleglasses are reasonably larger compared to the other Lip Glass products. They are also a lot stickier but personally i don't mind the thicker consistancy because they tend to stay on the longest.

My favourite thing about MAC Dazzleglasses is that they are one main colour but then they have tiny micro glitters, that are also known as duo chrome sparkles, of other colours in them.

As an example, above is a picture of "Jingle Jangle" Dazzleglass. The main colour is a peachy red tone but it can be seen that there are tiny deep purples, pinks and blues in it.

I am really excited to expand upon my Dazzleglass Collection because it is such things as listed above that make dazzleglasses so unique. I have been searching for anything that can compare and i have not come across anything yet. The closest i have been is in a post
here but it was only the same in the tube.

Extra Amps

Love Alert

Like Venus

I hope you guys have a chance to check out MAC Dazzleglasses because i reccomend them more than any other MAC lip product and i have not found anything that compares. However, there are othe rlip products i like equally as much but for other reasons.
Tell me if you guys know any MAC Dazzleglass alternatives because they are $42 in Australia!!


VanityMakeup said...

I absolutely hate lip glasses and the other MAC ones. Seeing as you don't like them either, I think I should try the dazzleglasses :D

Baby Sparks is on my list for sure.

Mac Princess said...

I never thought about the duo crome sparkle thing.

Hannah K said...

ii love how dazzleglasess have the brush on them!!

Jessica Holloway said...

mmmmmm i wuv the smell.
It is like the sweetest candy smell in the world.

Jordy said...

Yer pretty sure MAC fails with lip glasses. Dazzleglasses are amazing though.

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
Yer it's pretty neat.

Jordy said...

The brush is the best, sooo much better than the sponge ones. If find it picks up more product.

Jordy said...

Yer im pretty sure it smells like really strong Vanilla that you can totally smell just when you put it on your lips.

Jordy said...

So glad it doesnt smell like plastic which happens with some glosses.
It doesn't taste that bad either.

GlossQueen said...

You can get them really cheaply on All Cosmetics Wholesale, that's where I got my Baby Sparks from. It took around a week to get here (I'm in Perth) and cost me around $20 (AUD) including shipping.

Krissy said...

I have Like Venus, I absolutely love it! But I agree theyre soo sticky!
I buy mine from all cosmetics wholesale and this other site called 'rock the catwalk'. dont pay aus retail prices cos u can get them so so much cheaper on those websites.

Jordy said...

@Gloss Queen
Thats amazing! I really need to check out that website! Fast shipping as well.

Jordy said...

Like Venus is ooo gorgeous but Baby Sparks still remains my fave.
I have seem ACW but i should really check out the rock the catwalk one. I know, i have been so stupid paying so much!