Friday, February 19, 2010


Hey everyone,
In case the title didn't give it away...this post is going to be all about to die for Louis Vuitton. Of course i know that i am not even going to get half of these items in my lifetime due to the ridiculous pricing but a girl can dream. I have a few Authentic Louis Vuitton items but certainly not as many as some. Louis Vuitton gets me really excited, just entering the store is so magical! I don't know why because logically i believe that brands are dumb and money hungry but physically (when i pick up the bag and buy it), verbally (when i say im buying it) and financially (when i pull out my LV purse (LOL ironic?) to pay) they get me evertime!!

The quality of their products is hands down, ah-mazing. The designs are always gorgeous and it is rare to find something in an LV store that i can honestly say i hate or wouldnt buy. Something that really persudes me is that LV is so universal, so celebrity status and seen as classy, sophisticated, timeless, stylish as if it will never go out of fashion. It is promoted for all ages, genders, race, origin etc. In my eyes this is a brand that brings people together and i find it more warming than snobby.

Below are a few examples of the current LV "Water-Paint" collection.

Below is a purse which i would say is more suited to elder ager groups.

Example of an LV bag that could easily be overlooked or mistaken as not genuine LV.
Examples of LV Tote Bags


Classic LV Totes.

LV Duffle

LV Speedy



There are sooo many LV designs to choose from. varying in colours, sized, cut, shape, style, category, gender etc. & luckily for these mega rich international celebs...they get to try out many many different LV styles and sometimes for free.


xSplendidStar said...

Woahhh the LV dream!!! It would do a serious damage to my wallet LOOL XD


Mac Princess said...

I love the first bag so much. Too bad i can't afford LV but most people can't only those fiflthy rch celebrities. But i do agree about LV being more than just a handbag but those last too pictures are trying way too hard.

Hannah K said...

I'm not really into those water stain ones but i envy anyone who actually has one. I wish i was a celebritty.

Jessica Holloway said...

I only really like the original stuff...all that colour just takes away from the awesomness...i have some fake LV but it looks totaly real and everyone tells me how rich i am when i use it.

Grace said...

I'd kill for a Speedy! Ah, someday. They always have cool ad campaigns, too. My sister's friend modeled for them once.

Jordy said...

I know but thats the only thing, price!!

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
Thats true. LOL agreed at the douches!!

Jordy said...

Yer same, im a bit iffy about them. I don't think it woudl be worth it beign a celebrity. You basically sign your life away to the media.

Jordy said...

I agree that the original colours are amazing. creme and Chocolate brown are flawless!!

Jordy said...

I think a Speedy is the ultimate bag. That's exciting!! How did she get that gig?

Marjorie said...

Hey everyone don't be down! You know that if you have a Louis Vuitton bag on your arm you look like a pretentious, spoilt brat anyway! And who wants to be seen supporting a huge corporation who sells their products for many times more than the production cost?
I say support local businesses, shop second hand and you will get something unique as well as recycle ^^

Oh and enter my competition if you want to :) you just need to follow and comment! Four days to go till the winner is announced.

Marjorie said...

Hi Jordan, of course you didn't upset me. Big superficial corporations who make ridiculous amounts of money simply anger me :P I can understand why you didn't want to publish my comment, I understand you obviously have a different opinion to me and my comment was controversial.

But honestly I don't think my comment was negative, I offered positive alternatives that are centered around creating a more unique personal identity, avoiding the stereotypical vanity of our society and supporting small businesses over bigger corporations.

I really hope you can see where I'm coming from, I really did not want to come across as negative or try to influence your own choices about products. At best I just wanted to give everyone a different perspective to consider because I know it is hard living in a commercial world where a lot of people listen to the media without thinking twice. I just wanted to share my opinion. Which I understand is slightly spirited and emotional on my part because of what I know about large corporations.

P.S. Of course you don't need to publish this either as it will make no sense in the context given my previous comment wasn't published.