Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hey everyone,

This is a new sort of thing i am going to be doing on my blog it is "8 FAVOURITE:" which is a strange amount of something, i know, but i think 10 of something is too much and so you get 8. I would honestly be asleep by the time i got through 10 items LOL :)

The following 8 things are my favourite MAC eyeshadows.

Clarity, Talent Pool, Bitter, Amber Lights,
Sable, Naked Lunch, Vanilla, Forgery.

with flash

without flash

INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT Clarity: Matte2. Clarity is an amazing vibrant blue.

Talent Pool: Starflash. A super pretty ocean blue that reflects green.

Bitter: Velvet. A fluro green with gorgeous lime green sparkles.
Amber Lights: Frost. A stunning shimmery baked gold with hints of warmth and a foiled effect on the lid.

Sable: Frost. A beautiful chestnut brown. Perfect for the crease in any neutral look.
Naked Lunch: Frost. A peachy toned hilight with pink reflects.

Vanilla: Velvet. So incredibly smooth and glides right on. A pigmented white hilight with beautiful silver and blue reflects.
Forgery: Lustre. Basically just a whole bunch of silver glitter pressed into pan form. Surprisingly there is minimal fallout and looks like a pigment has been used.

So they are my 8 favourite MAC eyeshadows. Tell me some of your favourites? Reccomend me some nice MAC shadows and i will look into purchasing them :)


Makeup Kitten said...

Nice picks!

Vanilla is my favourite highlighter :)

danoh131 said...

Hey where did you find Bitter? I want to buy one but it's out of stock on the website :(

Anonymous said...

great picks ! love the Naked Lunch and Vanilla :)

Castor Pollux

Viva La Fashion said...

fogery looks so pretty. :)