Monday, March 1, 2010


Hey everyone,
I got someone asking me what i want from MAC at the moment and it made me think. I have not been to MAC is just over a month so it's pretty much the longest time we have been apart. (see the haul on YouTube and Blogspot) I have just been really busy lately and the times i have gone shopping in the past month, i havn't been that attracted to MAC. But i have decided that i need to try out some new products and add to my colelction a little. So here is what i am planning on buying next time i go to MAC. * Love Alert Dazzleglass
* Extra Amps Dazzleglass

* Like Venus Dazzleglass

* Sable Eye Shadow

* Naked Lunch Eyeshadow

* Bitter Eyeshadow

* MAC Studio Fix (as a back up)
* MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder (I have heard many good things about this)

I don't know what it was but i went through a stage where i just didn't feel the need to go to the MAC counter. I think i am starting to get back into MAC which is pretty exciting :)


Makeup Kitten said...

I love studio fix powder (actaully just included it in my 'February Favourites' post) and Naked Lunch is a great colour. Dazzleglasses are just too pretty, right?!


AlexKate said...

wow thats quite a list. looks like the people at the mac counter are going to love you.

Dionne said...

MAC has the best eyeshadows, hands down. I'm putting a bunch of eyeshadows and some make-up brushes on my birthday wishlist on so I hope someone comes through and gets them for me!

Jordy said...
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Jordy said...

Studio Fix is amazing and much better than MSF Natural. LOL everything from MAC is gorgeous but it is the Dazzleglasses for sure. They get me everytime!

Jordy said...

@Mystery Girl
haha they know me by name!

Jordy said...

Yer sounds great :)

Hannah K said...

i heart bitter eyeshadow but i have not bought it yet.

Mac Princess said...

Don't take this the wrong way but why do you need 2 foundations to buy at the same time? Because a normal person only needs one 0_0
I love Baby Sparks dazzleglass the best so i reccomend that one.

Jane Williams Beauty Blog said...

I think allthatglitters is an amazing eyeshadow. You should check that one out.

Jordy said...

I will maybe do a review so you can go off that if you want to buy it :)

Jordy said...

@Mac Princess
Oh im just trying out new products :) Seeing what works for me and what i will repurchase in the future.

Jordy said...

I have heard it is...i will have see it for myself :)

Laura said...

i'll take one of each :) haha

i gave you an award on my blog missy!