Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hey everyone,
So this post is going to be an apology and references to my social accounts.

Firstly, i am sooo sorry for neglecting you guys! I know it sounds harsh buts that's what it comes down to. It has been crazy how people who i didn't even know read my blog are contacting me through email, formspring and cbox on here telling me how i have been slacking and i should be thankful for my dedicated followers. If you were one of those people then don't worry, it's totally fine to tell me that and i thank you for bringing it to my attention. It has been a mixture of many things so i would like to list the main just so you get an idea as to why i have been so vague.
* School: It is nearing the end of term 1 and therefore all of the assignments are piling in. I have many assignments on the go at the moment and have been dedicating lots of time to them. Then of course the actual being at school bit. People always get angry at me for not replying to them within 24 hours. It is because i go on the internet at night, then have no time in the morning, then im at school. Finally, i get back to you. Please be patient :)
* Work: I work 3 jobs. A hairdressing salon, a bakery and a modelling agency. Although modelling isn't very often (i only do it for the money, it isn't my life ambitions) it is very long hours and most of the time i have nothing left of me to spare for the internet. I have set hours at the hairdressing salon and bakery every week so im booked up in the working aspect as well.
* Extra Curricular: Cheerleading practice literally kills me so im pretty much dead by the time i come home and just need a long shower. Debating is mentally draining and i tend to be sick of writing by the time i am finished my speech. I also try to go to gym in any spare time i have left over after school so that physically kills me as well.
* Family & Friends: I am the oldest in my family and have 4 younger siblings so i love playing with them after school, eliminating more possible time for internet. I also like to be socially balanced and enjoy hanging out with my friends which fills my time as well.
So that is about it. Please remember i do not live on the internet and have a life other than online. I truley appreciate all my followers and subscribers so i don't want to let them down but i don't want to stress myself too much. I hope you understand :)

Secondly, I get many questions asking me about what social networking sites i use. I don't like to confuse people and links are always in the sidebar. I don't create them to be followed or subscribed too. They are just for the people who want to view them and learn more about me. VanityMakeup just did a similar post to this and i felt i need to do the same. Here are the current social networking sites i use.

For people i know directly i use MySpace and a personal email.
& I have pretty much forgotten about Flickr & DailyBooth
If you have any of the social accounts listed above please tell me in the comments so i can go check it out :)


Krissy said...

As if you actually get people telling you off for not posting!
Life isnt all about the internet, good on you girl for staying committed to your life outside the internet! Sometimes there are more important things in life than blogs lol!

Jordy said...

I was really awkward because i was like...ummm you lived without me before i was on here so why are you freaking about because i havn't posted in like a week. I bet people don't even honestly care, they just want to get angry at me for something. Thanks. Im glad you know that :)

Jessica Holloway said...

its alright we know you have a life. just post when you can and we wont mind. who the hell has the right to get angry at others for not posting on a blog. wtf.

Jordy said...

@Jessica Holloway
I don't even know...

lorien kate said...

i dont think they're telling you off, i think they just miss your posts, thats all :) theyre not being critical, theyre just saying that whenever you do have enough time that you should def post because your followers love reading/watching your yt/blogger! :)
ive started school aswell, and i totally get how you have no time, i dont even have a job and i havent posted a single beauty-related posts for months! haha

VanityMakeup said...

I get so busy too, school gets to me the most.

Thanks for linking my blog. That's sweet. :)

Jordy said...

Your right they must have had good intentions. Noone is rude on here. LOL yer school really takes it out of you!

Jordy said...

Yer for sure :)
No worries, i got the idea from you so i would feel weird copying and not giving credit.