Friday, April 9, 2010


Hey everyone,

I have always wondered about the extent as to how matchy your makeup can actually be. I used to believe that if i had a baby pink eye then i couldn't match it with a bright pink lip as it was too matchy-matchy.
Now that i am more experienced in makeup and somewhat wiser with beauty products, i have learnt that the "rules" of makeup are made to be broken.

I honestly don't even come close to following this rule and am a repeat offender. I personally adore a baby pink eye with a bright pink lip and is one of my favourite looks.

I guess the point of this was to say that recently i have been reading many online beauty columns talking about beauty rules and specifically matching makeup and i don't want you guys to take it to heart or seriously. Yes read those columns because they are entertaining and informative, covering many different topics, but don't take everything they write to heart or seriously because everyone has their point of view and i wouldn't change yours to fit in with theirs.



Pia said...

Thanks for your comment, but i don't think i will travel to the hole other part of the world for that dress :') 'Because i'm from Europe, Netherlands

Lipstick on the cup said...

>> The "rules" of makeup are made to be broken << I totally agree with you! The most important thing is to feel comfortable and beautiful with your make up.

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Unknown said...

You're right, there is no rule in makeup. Either your makeup makes you look good or it doesn't. If you're happy with your pink eye/bright pink lips combo then go for it!

Ana Carolina Cavalcanti said...

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