Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hey everyone,
To say Lady GaGa is amazing is an understatement. You can not even begin to explain her style because she has created her own and wears basically anything, switching it up on a regular basis. She is known for her outgoing fashion choices and her expression of art through couture. She doesn't give a crap what anyone thinks and wears what she wants and what makes her feel sexy which to me requires a lot of confidence!!

To see more pictures and read more about Lady GaGa please...
The way she dresses is part of her image but isn't the basis of her career. She is a very talented musical artist (i would even say genius). She lives very morally correct and has a set of values and beliefs of which she goes by. From what i have gathered in interviews she doesn't talk bad about others and is in the business not to sabotage others but to help them out.

I think of her as very wise, thankful for what she has and doesn't get caught up in the fame. You can tell Lady GaGa is in this business solely for her music and to show of her talent, everything else is just an added extra. I recently went to her The Monster Ball tour and has changed my perception on her greatly. I used to just like her hit singles but after going to the concert i admire her attitude and her fashion. When speaking throughout the concert she was so genuine in everything she said and so thankful to all her "little monsters" (fans) who have took time out of their lives to watch her perform.

She mentioned two of the things she hated most; money and the truth. Money because people leave it in the bank and live their lives miserably with nothing to live for but cold hard cash just sititng in the bank. The truth because she would rather take a large dose of BS anyday over the truth.

My favourite bit of the concert was when she asked if we thought she was sexy and explained that she takes advantage of this part of the show due to the fact she was bullied every single day of her life when in high school.

She went on to say that she is a bit like Tinkerbell now and you have to cheer for her otherwise she will die. So she lay down on the ground and asked "do you want me to die?" and of course everyone went crazy with cheers and claps.

I believe that those who judge Lady GaGa upon how she looks or seems to be is horrible because i have seen her in person and you can see in her eyes that she is genuine and isn't an act.

She takes her music seriously and has persuaded everyone to take her for her music and her art rather than who she is dating or what celebrities are bagging her.

She doesn't mind talking about her clothing though because that is part of the way she expresses her art and the other way being music. Lady GaGa admits she is a freak and only because she expresses her true self and doesnt leave anythign out or pretend to be someone she isn't. This is why she has become so famous, by staying true to who she is and not selling out.

She acts according to her morals and doesn't trash talk or get wound up in money and being famous.

I know that she really does work hard. Everything she comes out with is her own creation that she has put a lot of effort into.
Her concerts are created by her, designs drawn by her, songs written by her and fashion decided by her.
Lady GaGa doesn't have a stylist to tell her what to wear and how because she just wears what she wants and doesn't care if you don't like it because hse does and that is all that matters.

Her fashion is truely unique and if only there were more people out there who woke up and dressed how they wanted to, without even a thought crossing their mind on what anyone would think.No matter how extravagent your costume is compared to how low key the event is and they still didn't care. It is hard to find someone like that and i personally wouldnt have the guts to wear a leotard with diamond sunglasses and cupid lips to the park!! You may blame this on her fame enabling her to do this but if you knew her before all the fame...she stil dressed the same way :)

She has stayed true to herself and i really respect and admire that!!

I really want to know what your opinions are on Lady GaGa!!??



Sheefa F said...

I think she truely is a rockstar and will always be :) I adore her music and her fashion style! One needs guts to portray what they believe in.

Jasmine said...

Love her! She's so unique and talented. Great post :)

maria said...

yeea her concert sounded amazing. Definately one of the best concerts in a long time, she is so creative.

Suyinsays said...

thanks for the great comment sweety, totally agree with you and i LOVE hearing what people have to say so thanks :)
omg i saw her in london last year, she was AMAZING !!!!
with lots of love from your latest london follower

Anonymous said...

she is an men

Anonymous said...

I love her