Friday, April 30, 2010


Hey everyone,

I have been lacking extremley when it comes to my blog so i just though i would update you guys and inform you of what has been going on.

School and homework has been piling up recently. I'm not sure what it is but just as we came back to term 2 everything seemed to be due, it was horrible. A few things are still due but things are starting to settle down now. The most TRAUMITIZING assignment that had to be complete was a Health and Physical Education "Fitness Program".

I won't bore you with details but basically you had to construct a 3 week programme with 3 sessions a week with activity covering training types (Contuinuous, Fartlek, Plymetric, Circuit, Interval), fitness components (LME, Aerobic endurance, muscular power, cardio-respiratory endurance etc.), reps, sets, rest times, stating wether they are aerobic or anaerobic and sub-maximal or maximal. Gosh it was TORTUROUS and kept me up until about 1am-3am most mornings for about a week attempting to complete it!!

Sorry for that little rant about this MONSTOROUS assignment but i had to get it of my chest *exhales*. Who knew push ups and star jumps could be so hard, right?!

Today is Friday and i am excited for this long weekend. This Monday is public holiday for Labour Day and last Monday was a public holiday for Anzac Day. It's always nice to have an extra day off especially if you have to work every Saturday and Sunday so never really get a weekend anyway!

We are 2 weeks into the term and although i enjoyed my holidays, it was good to go back to school and see my friends. My holidays were really fun and my easter was great, i had 2 weeks off and that was amazing!!

I got a new phone which is really exciting. It's the HTC Touch Pro 2. It runs o Microsoft so it has applications such as OneNote, Word, Slideshow, PhotoStory etc.

In regards to YouTube videos will be up very soon. I have soo many video ideas and requests i need to film!! I have a MAC/Clinique/Smashbox/Stila haul coming up. It is a REALLY REALLY REALLY big one!!! So watch out for that haul coming up, i just need to film it ASAP.

I think that's about it, i really want to know how you guys are going. I feel so out of touch, please enlighten me into what has been happeneing here on blogspot!! I hope to be going around checking out you girlies blogs once again. It's been a while and i apologise!! I can't wait to read lots of blogs, catch up on goss and reconnect with you guys :D

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NicciMaree said...

I love the new phone you got. :O