Sunday, May 2, 2010


Hey everyone,
Is it just me or does Chrstina Aguleria's new music video "Not The Same Girl Tonight" seem quite literal. Like seriously, she really isn't the same girl tonight!!! I love Christina and always have for her gorgeous blue eyes and red lips but she seems to have forgotten entierly about her own individual style and seems to be feeding off other people's. See for yourself the comparisons between the videos.

From what i have seen the similarities are:
*The medievil torture outfits
*The eye makeup (although i must admit it is common, it really rmeinded me of GaGa)
*The finger movements around the eyes
*The claws (are you serious?!?! that is one of the top things GaGa is known for.)
*The burning of the clothes on fire (Not only did this part make no sense but it's such a GaGa thing to do-she lights everything on fire!!)
*The whole girl-on-girl thing reminds me of Lady GaGa LoveGame
*The leotards (I believe that Christina is far too petite to pull of the hot pants and leotards)
*Her expressions (You know those incomprehensible, really random and unexplained facial movements or dance moves that GaGa does in some of her videos? I kinda seemed as though Christina was epic failing with many of them)
*The whole boy in bed thing was taken too far. Yet GaGa decides to burn the boy instead of whatever Christina did...

In no means am i disrespecting Christina!! She is amazing!! That's exactly why i can't figure out why she felt the need to copy other celebrities.


k . . . said...

Yes, Christina may have taken few of Lady Gaga's style statements to heart this year. But truthfully, Christina has been rocking outrageous outerwear for years now! I'm sure that some of those photos are older than 2010. Maybe it's Gaga who's taking a que from Christina? Bottom line- they both rock original, outlandish and ridiculous clothing. They have to do things like that to either express themselves or so that people such as Perez Hilton, or us can talk about them and popularize them even more!
And there' nothing wrong with trying to tailor another person's look as your own; I mean we all do it. Why else do we wear the clothes, shoes, or eye-wear that we do?Other people's, mainly celeb's personal style, affects our own choices. So I can't even be mad @ Christina for modifying her own funky style, into a more refined, yet glamorous one.
ttyl jordy!
xoxo, Krystia

Anonymous said...

If you look at some of Christina's older videos it looks like Lady Gaga is actually copying her. Haha.

Anonymous said...

you make a lot of good points. i like them both.

lorien kate said...

no doubt that christina is copying gaga!!!

and christina is DEFINITELY jealous of gaga haha i dont think gaga is a better artist than christina, christina has been around for over a decade! id like to see if lady gaga will last that long, will be interesting :)

Anonymous said...

you forgot that Christina is copying the same Carrera sunglasses that Gaga is wearing in her video.

Unknown said...

Christina Aguilera is a copy of Lady Gaga if she came later, she's trying to call attention to it because now the focus is not over her and Justin Bieber yes, Katy Perry and Ke $ ha, in about two years no one else will know who Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, but already it there to eleven years if you take pictures before the fame lady gaga you will see that she was not blonde and brunette hair was curled not smooth, then how is imitating Christina Aguilera her?

Unknown said...

And the name of the song is "Not Myself Tonight"