Sunday, May 30, 2010



Anonymous said...

Out of them all-which one is your favourite?
I was thinking of making a blog as well but i dont know what it should be about?
Please email me suggestions at
Thanks Jordy

Jordy said...

Veronica Mars seasons for sure. I cant never really justify the prices of tv series seasons but Veronica Mars is my soft spot.
I will be sure to keep you in mind when emailing.

Wolverina said...

Heeey girly :)
I see tha you bought one of my all time favorite tv shows which is Veronica Mars :)
And also one of my favorite movies, In Her Shoes..
You got style! :)

vonni said...

hey girl!
i found you on youtube, i love your videos!
im from australia aswell! you are the first australian guru apart from me that i have discovered!!

i have subscribed to you, please make more videos!

Mon Cheri said...

lovvve veronica mars!!

annd clueless <3

Jordy said...

Veronica Mars is AMAZING
I am onto Season 3 now.
Its crazy how many hours i have spent watching it.

Jordy said...

Thanks for checking me out.
Its great to talk to fellow Australians!!
Hope to talk in the future

Jordy said...

@Umbrella In The Sun
Me too!!!!
Definitley in my top 2 dvd favourites :)