Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hey everyone,

I'm back and excited to say that i had an amazing time modelling for the past 3 days.

 I was asked to come into the agency 24hours earlier than first arranged which was suprising but beneficial for the campaign. I arrived at the agency early morning and had breakfast with a few of the photographers and agency executives, they then moved on to relocate me to the beach. I spent the rest of that day (Sunday) settling into my resort and exploring the beach a little. That night i made sure to get lots of sleep because i had an early start!

Monday I did a couple of frames in the water but the majority of them were done in a heated lagoon which was convenient considering the water was fairly cold. 

The next day came (Tuesday) and i had that day off so i spent it shopping (which means a haul coming up) and soaking up some sun by the pool.

Wednesday was a whirlwind, so many photos were taken and an amazing amount of times my clothes and makeup were changed!

A very tiring process i assure you! Nevertheless an amazing experience and one of the funnest campaigns i have done to date. It exceeded my expectations and was better than i ever imagined it would be.

The people i have met through these experiences has lead me to some beautiful souls and amazing characters. To be getting paid for something i love so much is a great thing in my life at the moment and although i would never consider modelling becoming an occupation, i thoroughly enjoy the extra money this hobby has given me.

No pictures used in this entry were taken as part of the campaign, it is against my contract to obtain any such images so don't expect them until they are officially released.


NicciMaree said...

What was the campaign for? (:

Anonymous said...

whats your eyeshadow in the last picture?

Jordy said...


Jordy said...


Kasia W. said...

beautiful top with that black lace;)

Luana said...

what agency are you with?

Unknown said...

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