Friday, July 9, 2010


Hi everyone,
Remember this picture?
Well this post is going to be showing you which eyeshadows i used to achieve this look.

So to achieve this whole eye look all you need is 3 eyeshadows. All three that i used are from MAC but you can definitley look into drugstore brands and find dupes. After i complete explaining which eyeshadows i actually used to achieve this look i will provide a drugstore variation which works out to look almost exact.

So here are the lid colours used..
Seedy Pearl (Frost) and Pollinator (Frost)

Here are the lid and brow bone colours used..
Vanilla (Velvet) is the hilight colour
Seedy Pearl (Frost)
"Chilled Lavender Pink"
A really pretty light pinky purple frost colour.
A really dusty pink with purple and magenta reflects.

Crease and Corner
Pollinator (Frost)
"Naked Honey Collection"
A tangerine, peachy toned frost colour.
A tasteful orange toned eyeshadow with gold and baby pink reflects.

Vanilla (Velvet)
"Soft and Pale Peachy Ivory"
An amazing colour and one of my favourite hilights.
I think it is more of a white with blue, pink and green reflects.

*All three eyeshadows were purchased from a MAC counter for $32*
Now for the drugstore variation!!!

You are able to achieve this look using 2 products. 1 mono eyeshadow and 2 shadows from a palette.
Revlon "Pink Innocence" and Napoleon Perdis "Jet Set" palette.

Revlon matte, mono eye shadow in "Pink Innocence"
A dusty baby pink.

Crease and Hilight
Napoleon Perdis Set, palette in "Jet Set"
Crease and Corner: 2nd row, 3rd column
Hilight: 1st row, 2nd column

*Revlon matte eyeshadows can be purchased for $12 from Target, Kmart, Myer, David Jones etc.*
*NP Set can be purchased for $60 from similar places as well as a NP counter*


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