Friday, July 9, 2010


Hi everyone,
This is a post reviewing MAC Tinted Lip Contioner (also known as a TLC) in the colour "Fuchsia Fix".

So basically a TLC is lip balm in pot form with a small tint of colour. In this case, a vibrant fuschsia pink colour which goes on the lips looking like a glossy berry hue. The good thing about these lip conditoners is that they have an SPF of 15 which make them the perfect everyday lip colour that is both subtle and protective.

Some things that stand out about this MAC product is the gorgeous packaging. It doesn't come packaged in the usual sleek black box with white writing; instead it comes in a box similar to the Dior Addict products. The type of material which reflects different colours dependant on which light you are in with 3D "MAC" logo's all over it. Instead of white writing and inside colouring, both aspects of the product are black. The actual product comes in a super sleek round tub with MAC writen on the side.

When i first opened the product i was amazed to see how much product you actually get. Compared to the MAC tendertones which were limited edition, they give you quite a lot of product. MAC Tendertones are in the same glass tub as Paint Pots and Studio Sculpt concealer whereas a TLC is in a thin plastic form pot; making Tendertones heavier and fuller even though they are not. Tendertones have 6ml in them compared to the 15ml in TLC's. TLC's have an SPF 3 higher than a tendertone which is always nice as well, its the little things that make a product better than another. I would definitley reccomend a Tinted Lip Conditioner in replacement to a Tendertone if you are unable to get your hands on one considering they were limited edition.

The consistancy is extremley smooth with the formulation being marketed as less shiny and glossy but more of just a moisturised moist effect with a tint of colour.

Overall, i definitley reccomend MAC's tinted Lip Conditioners as an everyday lip product due to its natural colour, SPF factor and moisturising effect.



Anonymous said...

How much are the lip conditioners?

Jordy said...

$21 :)

Unknown said...

Do you have a pic of what it looks like on you?

Jordy said...

Yes i do actually..i will post one up soon :)
Sorry, i forgot to put one in there!!

Anonymous said...

wow i love your blog i just found it today when i was looking for a product reveiw and now im definately buying it considering what you put. thanks :)