Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hi guys,
So SUPER exciting news!!!
After school today my mum needed to go into the city to do a couple of things and being as familiar with the city as i am i just went off and did my own thing. I found myself at the Louis Vuitton store!! I wasn't thinking about getting anything but then the best or worst (either way you look at it) thing happened to me...i fell in love with a purse!! You guys have all seen a couple of my Louis Vuitton items already so you know im a fan but i am pretty sure this purse is the most beutiful piece of monagrammed leather canvas i have ever EVER seen!

So i went in there and i was just browsing..the monagram vernis were catching my eye due to their bright colours but i was positive i wasn't going to allow myself to get one of those. I have too many BRIGHT purses which only go with certain colours of clothing. THEN I SAW HER!! The most beautiful purse i have ever seen!! The "Tivoli PM"..i was gobsmacked at it's beauty and how perfect it was for me. I then persuaded myself to purchase it through finding no cons but only a long list of positives!

Firstly, i have mild OCD so i kind of get frustrated when i can't physically see everything in my purse and things hide in corners. The Tivoli PM had a hardback bottom with rounded corners that are barricaded off so that nothing can get lost in there and its not flimsy so you won't be searching for things at the bottom of a purse. Secondly, i love carrying my purse on my arm in comparison to my shoulder but when the straps are made for shoulder use rather than arm use, the bag dangles and becomes uncomfortable. The Tivoli PM is short handled so that it is perfect height for arm use AND the straps are GORGEOUS rounded smooth creme handles of amazingness (do you love my description haha). It also comes with a cute LV charm, a dust bag, an authenticy booklet and a certifcation card.

Well, i guess the price may be a con but think about how long the purse will last you! I am nearly positive the first question i will get is how much so i am going to CLEARLY STATE IT haha it was $1200. Now, i know this may seem like a lot of money and feel free to call me crazy but i am content with my purchase and completley happy as i paid for it all by myself using my savings from the three jobs that i obtain. I work hard for my money and there is no reason i can not enjoy the outcomes of my hard work. Clearly, i work hard :)

The only problem was that when i explained to the lady that i would like to purchase the Tivoli PM she explaned to me that they only had the showcase models at the moment and she would have to order it in. Althought i was a bit disheartened by this, she explained that the shipping would be free and it was only going to take up to 10 days so i was fine with that.

You can see the purse on the Louis Vuitton website (Australian)
So that's my story...basically i am going to sit by the phone and wait for Louis Vuitton to call and inform me that my bag has arrived then RUSH INTO THE CITY haha :)


Anonymous said...

oh i thought you were getting a purse as in coin purse!! can you please call it a handbag--you're aussie (reason to be awesome)

but the bag is beautiful!

Jordy said...

HAHA sorry darl, i have somehow come accustomed to referring to it as a purse! Those darn what's in your purse youtube videos haha they did it to me :)
It's so weird also that i call a coin purse a pouch!!!
I don't even think theres explination about the pouch thing lol.

Jordy said...

Oh and i will change it from purse to handbag for the title ;)

Amanda said...

oh wow I would be super exited too =)

Danielle said...

great choice! absolutely gorgeous i want one now haha

danoh131 said...

So jealous!!! You are very lucky because this will last you an absolute lifetime!!!

Unknown said...

hehe woo congrats for new LV bag :D

Jordy said...

haha yeah i can hardly wait!
I know i was drawn to it straight away.
It will last for ages thats why i am investing in one :)
Thanks now it just has to get here :D
damn, you caught me!! I rob banks for a living.

Anonymous said...


Jordy said...

She is gorgeous :)
Scarlet is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Great choice! You have to go back into the city to pick it up though? Don't they normally just ship it to your home address?

Jordy said...

HAHA yeah my mum explains that to me :)
It did arrive to the home address :)

Megan said...

gorgeous bag babe, my mum had the GM Tivoli and lovess it, its so heavy though!
you should check out my blog :) i did a post about my LV too!
love love love your YT channel & your blog, so glad to see more aussies out there doing us proud :D

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