Monday, July 26, 2010


Hey everyone,
MAC has three face powders on the market and this post is going to be an overview of them :)
The three face powders include
* Studio Fix
* Select Sheer Pressed
* Mineralize Skinfinish
The other MAC pressed powders you can get are bronze and irridescent but this post is going to be about the foundations.

1. Studio Fix
Studio Fix is a pressed foundation and helps you achieve the same effect a liquid one would. It is so much like a foundation that it isn't even classified as a powder by MACs terms and is in the Foundation section. There is another foundation which looks very similar to Studio Fix however do not get these two mixed up. One is a pressed foundation called Studio Fix and the other is a liquid foundation but in a thick cream consistancy. I have Studio Tech also but i never use it so it is in the bottom of my collection. I prefer this Studio Fix from Studio tech 100%!!! I use this as a staple in my everyday foundation routine as it is my foundation replcement. You can use this powder to either set your foundation or to replace your foundation. For me, i use it over a concealer and my foundation is done. All i put over it is either blush or bronzer depending on the season. This is a lightweight, smooth, velvety texture and feels increibly soft and light on the face. I use a kabuki brush to apply mine and kind of neglect the little spongey thing that comes with it. I find that a kabuki buffs it into your skin better, stops it from becoming cakey and there is less bacteria involved in the brush method of application. It is my holy grail pressed foundation and can be purchased from any MAC counter for $48.

2. Select Sheer Pressed
This can be used as a foundation but unlike the Studio Fix which is a full coverage pressed foundation, it is only a medium coverage. However, this pressed powder works in a different way. I have heard that it fills in wrinkles extremley well and any lines on your face. It looks flawless AND i reccomend using the supplied puff which comes with it for application. Select Sheer Pressed comes in a smaller compact compared to the others and therefore is more slim and portable, perfect for a purse. You can purchase Select Sheer Pressed in your colour from any MAC counter for $43.

3. Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
This is a light coverage pressed powder which is most likley used for situations where oonly very light coverage is needed (such as the beach) or to set a foundation. The MAC Mineral Products are said to be better for your skin but i would watch out for this one because although it does not contain talc (which MAC highly markets thi item to be), it may contain other ingredient known to irritate sensitive skin or react with acne prone complexions. This powder includes a shimemr through it for an irridescent finish. You can purchase a Mineralize Skinfinish Natural from a handful of colourings at any MAC Counter for $46.

~ Jordy

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