Saturday, October 15, 2011


Hey everyone, 
I wanted to share with you my usual nail routine and the products I use.

I think that it is essential to use a base coat on your nails . It is important in ensuring the colour nail polish you use doesn't stain your nails or the formula doesn't weaken them. I use Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener because it ensures your nails maintain their strength which promotes good nail growth and health. One coat is sufficient in protecting your nails and any more than this can make the polish too thick.
Here is the part where you actually put what colour polish you want on your nails. I usually alternate between OPI "Makes Men Blush", OPI "Bubble Bath" and Sally Hansen "Bamboo Shoot". All three colours are a milky pastel pink colour. Currently, I have been using Bamboo Shoot most often. I do one or two coats of this depending on the colour pay-off i am wanting to achieve.
I finish off with a clear top coat which not only adds extra shine and gloss but also prevents chipping so it keeps the colour on longer. Just one coat of this is necessary so that your nail polish doesn't become too thick.

So those are the three steps I do to my nails maybe once a week or so to keep them looking taken care off. I find that this achieves a subtle and natural look that just enhances your natural nail colour but looks better than bare nails.

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