Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So i am starting a new series on my blog where every month a beauty blogger is featured to answer a set of questions. This month Gaby from "Gaby's Beauty Blog" is the October Beauty Blogger. Gaby is 22 and lives in Canada. Gaby's blog consists of OOTD's, FOTD's, Reviews, Tutorials and much more so check it out to get some really good beauty tips and tricks.

Here is an insight into Gaby and her view on blogging, beauty, fashion and makeup.
 What inspired you to begin blogging?
I was reading a magazine when I stumbled on an article featuring a beauty blogger. I was curious as I was new to the blogosphere and never knew such a thing as beauty blogs existed! I went to check out her blog, which led me to search for more beauty blogs. I made a list of some favorites and started reading them daily. In those days, I had a personal blog on Skyrock (it was super trendy back in the days!) but I was getting bored of all the drama (it was just a popularity contest) so I decided to start a beauty blog.
How would you describe the clothes you wear?
In one word: boring! LOL! Seriously, I don't know, I don't have a specific style, I just wear what I like. I'm currently in love with jeggings - it's the best of both world! I tend to be lazy and go for a tank with a cardi most of the time.
How would you describe your makeup style?
Boring, too? =P I tend to stick to neutrals and I know which colors compliment me best. I love brown, gold, bronze and taupe eyeshadows but I also enjoy bright colors such as blue and purple - but only if they are very dark (much more wearable!) As for lips, I'm still pretty new to lipsticks as my lips are constantly dry and chapped because of eczema, but I really love MAC lipstick (how original, I know!) I tend to play it safe again and stick to pale pink or nude shades.
When you're not blogging, what do you enjoy doing with your time?
Honestly, with school and work, I don't have a lot of free time! I would be doing homework, reading books (I currently really enjoy chick lit) or magazines, or hanging out with friends.
Beauty products you couldn't live without and why?
Mascara, definitely! My lashes are short, sparse and straight - without mascara, they are invisible! I would also have to say moisturizer because my skin is constantly dry because of eczema, oh and also, lipbalm!

Thank you to Gaby for being the October Beauty Blogger on Jordy's Beauty Spot. So go check out "Gaby's Beauty Blog" sometime.

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Gaby Fauchon said...

Thank you so much for this opportunity Jordy! I'm tweeting and posting this to my Facebook fan page right now! =D

Arina George said...

Good tips and tricks given.Would like to follow them.keep posting more.