Thursday, October 20, 2011

STYLE SPOTTING: Camel Colours, Bows and The Peter Pan Collar.

Welcome to the first of many in my new series "Style Spotting". In this series i point out some current fashion and beauty trends that i have noticed in magazines, on the runway or on the streets. This series ensures you stay up to date with the latest styles.

Camel Colour
I personally am in love with this camel colour and am glad it is recieving a lot of popularity. From the pictured i collated above you can see that this camel colour comes in a few different shades. There are cream, brown, peach and tan tones but they are all very neutral, tan colours which is what camel is all about. I actually love this colour and think its the new white; goes with everything and has a clean, effortless look but looks a lot more fashionable and put together.

Who doesn't love bows and recently they have been everywhere.; in hair, on accessories, tops and dresses. They add the girliest touch onto anything but still remains very tasteful. It's something that never goes out of fashion but i have especially been seeing a lot recently.

The Peter Pan Collar
The Peter Pan Collar seems to be making an appearance in the fashion world with many designers including them in their 2012 collections to be released next year. The best thing about this is that the trend can incorperated into outfits all throughout the year

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