Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So this is a fun new series which i am going to be doing as often as possible where I find inspiration from celebrities outfits and recreate the look using online stores. If you are interested in wearing what the specific celebrity is wearing, you are able to find out where to purchase each item to reconstruct the exact outfit. I think this will be great because celebrities are always very fashionable and put together so now anyone can know where to find and buy these products online to look just as fashionable!
The first instilment in this series is the always on trend Kim Kardashian. This is what Kim wore in Dubai earlier this month. Through this outfit, Kim is following the colour blocking trend by wearing both a top and skirt that are the one single colour. Kim is also following the colour mixing trend where colours that usually wouldn't be put together are experimented with. The nude shoes really elongate and accentuate her legs while the gold purse, ring and earrings add fine details to complete the outfit.

Image 1 of ASOS Georgette Pussybow Blouse
The colour of the top and bow details identically matches that of Kim's but the sleves are long instead of short. This would be a great alternative for cooler weather or if you want your outfit to look exactly like Kim's and your feeling crafty then you can easily chop of the sleeves and hem it yourself.
Kim's skirt does not have any panelling details like this one but this is very unnoticeable and apart from that, this skirt is of the same beautiful colour and style Kim is seen in.


$49.58, $24.79

Image 3 of Cath Kidston Daisy Crystal Earrings

OPI "Bubble Bath"


Unknown said...

That skirt is hot, I wonder if I could pull it off?

Jessica said...

Ohhh, I saw this the other day and thought, she's never looked better! Good outfit to pick!

GlassesShop said...

That skirt is hot